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The strong beliefs in night flying creatures, witches and women in the tree.

The 'Aswang'

Belief in witchcraft
When you come to visit here in the Philippines like a normal tourist, you might not experience, how strong the beliefs are working in my country. Witches, Faith healer and the so called 'Aswang', a night flying creature, might be something new for you. That's why I grab my chance to let you know something about this. For people who is living in the city and now we are in the computer age already, I know this story is unbelievable but still it is existing here in the Philippines especially in the country side and in mountainous area.

The olds start already to 'scare' the youngest one with stories about 'Old women in the tree' or a flying creature they name Aswang. When I was younger, my Mum told us already about this 'Aswang'. As she say, at day time the 'Aswang' is like normal human being. But at night time they can transform into different kind of animals like dog's, pig's, and big bird's to name a few. We need to be inside the house at 6:00 p.m. everyday and lock all the doors and windows to avoid possible entry of the 'Aswang'. Our olds here tell us that the 'Aswang' is eating human. Especially babies and small kids.

Some people is using garlic for their protection saying the 'Aswang' is scared of it and don't like the smell. Hanging garlic in front of the window's and doors to stop them entering the house. And pin in the kids clothes some from the garlic. Other families also are putting a knife in the window so the 'Aswang' cannot go inside of the house. When I ask about the knife, they explained to me that 'Aswang' is scared of knife's blade so it will not come inside of their house.

In this place where I am living now, I heard a rumors and scattering news about 'Aswang' living here in the same area. At first few months of my stay here, they are talking about that the 'Aswang' is seen roaming around here in the whole area and she is most seen in places where their is a pregnant woman. They say that sometimes you can see her just appear from nowhere. My curiosity rise in the higher level because i never see an 'Aswang' my whole life. I want to see this old woman that they are calling Aswang. One day, I heard a commotion from my neighbor at the back of my house. I stood near the window and start listening. And to my surprise, the old woman whom they called 'Aswang' is moving to the house next to my house and one of my neighbors don't want them to pass the same way they are passing. That is why all the barangay officials need to come here to solve the problem.

The so called 'Aswang' stay here for two months already but until this moment, I never see the real 'Aswang'. All I can see is the old lady living like a normal person. For me, our beliefs will still remain maybe for long time. The olds believes like putting knife in the windows, hanging garlic near the windows and doors and pin some of the garlic in the small kids clothes still exist. For me, I leave them in their beliefs.

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