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When it's the best time to visit the Philippines? Because of the weather, I would advice to you between end of November and till end of February.

Climate of the Philippines

Manila, Philippinen Forecast
Actually in Manila

The climate here in the Philippines is tropical. We prefer to declare, there are only two seasons in our country, the wet season and the dry season. Even it is not really correct. The warmest month of the year are from March to October, and the cooler months are from November to February. May is mostly the hottest month that I can feel my skin is burning when I go outside of the house and January is the coolest. The rainy season starts in June to October with the possible strong typhoons. When I was still studying, rainy season was my biggest problem since I am staying at that time in the center of rice land. I need to walk in the muddy walk way under the rain to reach my school campus and going back home.

Manila temperatureThe southwest summer monsoon brings heavy rains from May to October so people here especially those who is going to work and students need to be careful not to get wet. This is also the time that so many can have fever and flu. I enjoy the northeast winter monsoon because it brings cooler and drier air from December to February. From March to May, it is really hot and dusty, that is why I usually close my windows to avoid dust inside the house. At this time, temperature can rise above 37 °C (98.6 °F) and it means sea-level temperatures rarely fall below 27 °C (80.6 °F). You can see at this time people in country side holding their hand fan and find shadows under the tree to have fresh air. Here in Manila, it is the time that our electric bill goes higher because we need to use electric fan or air-condition day and night.

Baguio, Philippinen Forecast
Actually in Baguio

When I was once in Baguio with my husband, I was surprised about the weather there. Baguio is called the 'City in the clouds' and because of this, the temperature is always more nice and inviting. Even the President of the Philippines has his Summer Residence 'The Mansion' in Baguio. 

Monsoon rains, although hard are not normally associated with high winds and waves. Philippines suffers an annual onslaught of dangerous storms from July to October that is why we are on guard already if there is a coming typhoon. These is dangerous for northern and eastern Luzon and Bicol and Eastern Visayas region and Manila is also devastated as well.

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