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Values of Filipinos

Filipinos are being known for having a strong family tights. A family is a basic unit of society here in the Philippines. And usually a family is compose of the father, mother, siblings, grandparents, uncle's, auntie's and cousins. And not to forget the far away relatives, godparents, a long time neighbor, and family friends.

Filipinos treasured their family members so much. They keep on helping each other as long as they can. A Filipino have this thought in mind "family first", that the immediate family member are willing to sacrifice for the sake of his family just like the parents do. And this was instill in young minds that their parents do the hard work and sacrifice for them that's why when they grow up and have a job already they are committed to take good care of their parents, that even they have a family of their own they cannot leave their parents because of this thought. That if they will give a chance to choose they will choose their family over anything else.

Filipinos are known all over the world for being a hospitable people. Very warm in accepting visitors at home. They will treat you as a family member. They will serve nice dishes/good foods for you even if they just borrow the money they use for this in the neighbor or relatives just to please you. You will notice also that they will let you use the best kitchen utensils, plates, glass and blanket which they are not using normally. They will use it for this exclusive guest only. They even let the guest use the room they are using and sleep outside just to please the guest. That's the hospitality of the Filipinos.

This is one of the most used short story from Filipino to show to someone, how much the family is important to a Filipino:

Boy & Girl
Boy: Do you love me more than your family?
Girl: No!
Boy: Why?
Girl: Okay listen to this...

When I started to walk, I fell, you were not there to pick me up. But my mom was. When I went outside, you were not there to hold my finger. But my dad was. When I cried, you didn't gave me your toys to play. But my brother and sister did.

My family is more precious than anything else!

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