Tagaytay - the second Summer capital (after Baguio)


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My last 'diary' page about my trip to Tagaytay. This was the last day with the trip down to the Lake and strolling later around in the town proper..

Trip to Tagaytay

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Heading to Lake Taal
my driver I started my last day in Tagaytay again with an early breakfast on a perfect day. The sun was shining and the sight was clear so far. I left the hotel with the elevator to level 4 and was a bit surprised. My driver was really in time arriving at the hotel. This was a bit unexpected for me in the Philippines but maybe the promised payment for the whole day was reason enough for him. Whatever, it doesn't matters. He was there and the weather perfect. Time to start the ride. In my remembrance Tagaytay has only one big crossing. We drove a bit back to this main crossing where it goes right to the Bus terminal. He made a turn like we say: going in at 6 and left at 9. Can you understand that (smile)?

the road to Taal Lake He followed a small road and after a while this road began to look similar like a road in mountainous area in France. My parents own a house in such an area and I really always enjoyed the way driving such roads. Take a look at the picture. Isn't it a nice road? Once in a while the side to the Lake become open so you can see already some more from the valley, we are entering on this road. The trip down last maybe 15 - 20 minutes because we was not in a hurry and I don't want him to overuse his breaks.

At the Lake
Taal Lake At the end of the road we reached a small village and then he decided to follow the street a bit to the left side and suddenly: We was already next to the water. It was an amazing view: Some Nippa-huts next to the shore, a lot of colorful painted boats and a nice blue from the water. I really can't stop myself in such a perfect moment and ordered a San Miguel Pale Pilsen. Ice cold and out of a bottle. Like I am used to it since I was a baby (smile).

bicycle rider Sometimes I am a bit curious that's why I asked for a price going to the volcano. They are offering different kind of trips. But the standard price seems to be by 7000 PHP. Sadly to say: I was so 'shocked' that I did not ask for the conditions. Maybe this is the price for one boat and you have to divide it by a number of heads? I don't know but I was never really interested to go there. Some pictures are already enough for me. - On the way back to Tagaytay we could overtake several guys who really become my 'Hero's of the day'. Riding a bicycle at first down and then climbing up the whole way. Guys, you really love pain and sweating, huh?

After being back 'on top' I wanted to stroll a bit around the town proper. He made my tour guide and showed me some places he like to visit. The Public market, the Jeepney terminal with Irene Carinderia's Turo-turo eatery We reached it right at lunch time. A famous Buko-pie shop next to the Bus terminal and several other places he like to show to me. - If you guys have the chance to visit Tagaytay: Don't hesitate to grab that chance.

written by Frank

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