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Someone who really love a nice landscape with trees and water will feel absolutely relaxed and satisfied in and around Tagaytay. Some views are simply breathtaking. 

Trip to Tagaytay

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Picnic Grove
After returning from a short trip into the 'Highlands' to take some pictures, I stopped at the Picnic Grove while lunch time. I had absolutely no idea what I can expect to find there but even a 50 PHP entrance fee can not stop me. We only live once and there is no place for money in the coffin.

picture service On my way inside the area, I could see on the left side some tables with something like a cuddle zoo with snakes and a crocodile. To be honest: After this long time already I can't remember anymore if that activities was included in the entrance fee... but I guess: Not. If such a picture service with an animal is still there existing, expect to pay an additional price. I am not really into holding a snake for fun. That's why I skipped this chance (smile).

stairway I followed the other visitors deeper inside the area, passing tables with benches for a picnic with family members. From the top of the area there was one way down. Passing again places to have a picnic, but this time nice built with a roofing in case of unexpected rain. I stopped at the long stairway down into 'nowhere' because I enjoyed already all the guys, playing with their kites there on the green. I was not in need to buy a souvenir that's why I could skip a visit in that shop. I started my way back to the exit after taken some pictures from the Taal Lake.

After checking the horses, working in the sun by carrying visitors around a center, I decided to left this place, find some bottles of ice cold beer and enjoy to stay at the swimming pool in the hotel. They say, there is also a Zip-line at Picnic Grove but I haven't seen it. Maybe it was down the stairway but I am not really into long walks. I know my weight and my limitations. :-)

estancia_pool I paid for the pool while staying at the hotel so it should be a must, to enjoy it. In the picture you can see in the background the main building from the hotel with 4 floors. But they are offering several different ways to stay here. I had booked a room on level 2, in an extra building, like a row house on the right side, behind the ramp. Aside from this 'bungalow type' you can also book a kubo (with air-condition) or a whole house with several rooms. It is up to your wallet or credit card, what you like for your stay. For a Friday afternoon it was relaxing calm at the pool. There was only one other guest at the pool.

I finished that day with my beer and was excited to visit the Lake next day.


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