Tagaytay - the second Summer capital (after Baguio)


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The biggest advantage of Tagaytay compared to Baguio is: It is more near to Manila with an average distance by only 55km. A fast escape from the heat in the Capital. 

Trip to Tagaytay

Hotel Estancia
Estancia hotel Among all the possible hotels with the fantastic view of the Taal Lake and the volcano island in the middle it was not easy to choose my hotel. But finally I decided to book few days in the one Hotel  with the big panorama window view in the breakfast room. It is the hotel Estancia and located directly at the Aguinaldo Highway. Not so far away from the Bus terminal and already on the right way to some other interesting destinations. When you enter the hotel you will already get a glimpse of the mountainous area where Tagaytay is located: You need to use the elevator and go down from level 4 (street level) to the reception.

People's Park in the Sky
People's Park in the Sky I had booked only four days and that was my reason to start already on the same day after arriving. The trip from Manila Cubao with a bus was only by 3 hours. I decided to start with the 'People's Park in the Sky'. I read already about the way, how it became this name: 1979, Imelda Marcos decided to build on Mt. Sungay the 'Palace in the Sky'. A mansion for Ronald Reagan. But he never arrived. For this project they reduced the height of Mt. Sungay to 50% of it's former prominence. It's still the highest point in the province of Cavite with the actually height of 709 meters. The mansion became only 50% completed and after the People Power Revolution in 1986 it became the name: People's Park in the Sky.

Going to that place is easy as expected: Just wait at the street for the next Jeepney heading to that place. After arriving, leave the Jeepney and go to the big gate with a room for the guards. There you have to pay an entrance fee before you can start climbing the street uphill. On half of the distance, where the street makes a turn to the left, there is a place where you can stop for a rest and enjoy the incredible view to the surrounding landscape. One thing is for sure: it is really a place in the sky (clouds) and an attraction. But I was thinking by myself: Why are there all the antennas? It does not look very nice (show picture). But aside from this: It is really worth to walk around and enjoy every little attraction. Make sure, you have a nice cam with you to picture the fantastic scenery.

Leaving that place after you are done is as easy as this: Go downhill, pass the gate and enter one of the always waiting Jeepneys to bring you back.

Estancia, room After a nice night in my hotel room and a nice breakfast with the fantastic view, I called the guy with the tricycle who brought me to the hotel. Sometimes I like to ask such a guy for his cellphone number. Especially, when his sidecar has a nice size for me. I was asking him for the other day to tour me around. I wanted to go down to Taal Lake and after that strolling around in the town proper. We made an appointment to fetch me up at the hotel next day at 9:00 a.m.

This way I was today free to stroll around to the Highlands and Picnic Grove.


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