Our experience: A daytrip to Potipot Island


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Once we heard from an island with a white sand beach next to Candelaria, Zambales.

Our daytrip on Jan. 26, 2016

Going to enjoy a white sand beach
our lucky day ;-) We left our hotel in Olongapo 'early in the morning' (by 8:00) but just in time to reach the Victory Liner Terminal short before the bus to Sta. Cruz was ready to start. The price for the ticket was by 275 PHP per head. We had enough to drink in our backpacks, some cookies and other little snacks and we bought some fresh fruits at the terminal. It was our lucky day cause we had a seat on the right side in the bus. The side without sun while the trip. This way we was able to enjoy the ride to the max while having a nice talk to each other and watching out of the window. After maybe 3 hours ride the bus will make a stop at the terminal in Iba. Time to visit the CR.

Uacon Barangay Hall Nearly 1,5 hours later, we left the bus at the Uacon Barangay Hall and did not need to ask how to go to Potipot Island cause there is always a Tricycle driver available, waiting to offer a ride (for 60 PHP each way) to the ferry boats and of course... processed by one of his relatives. At the shore, they offered us the ride for 200 PHP each way. Did we say already? It was our lucky day (smile).

white beach We arrived Potipot Island after a nice ride by 5 min. and found a really nice, white sand beach where the boat unloaded us. We was already prepared to pay a little amount as an entrance fee. Per head 100 PHP. We agreed with the fisherman to fetch us up by 5:00 p.m. and he was really back in time. Few minutes earlier but it was OK because this way we could find a Victory liner back to Olongapo only few minutes later after arriving the National road. Lucky us!

The distance around the Island will be a little less then 1 km so we decided to start our walk clockwise. Sorry to say... the more we moved, the more the beach turned a bit more into a trash bin. Lucky us, we found a nice place in the shadow where we could enjoy our stay. OK... we avoid to go swimming because of the grass in the water. But the view was nice and because of a nice wind it was not too hot. (You can not have luck always). Finally: A nice day of vacation for us, but we will not visit this place a second time.

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