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Maybe, since my trip in 2010 to Mindanao there has a lot change already but it is still worth to share some experiences from that time and the trip.

Trip to Mindanao

Davao City
Davao, Chinatown The Francisco Bangoy International Airport welcomes me (and every other passenger) with a nice arrangement of flowers on the right side. You can read there in the grass: Welcome to Davao. A friend was picking me up at the 'Meeting area' outside and we took a taxi to my hotel. My plan was to stay 2-3 days in Davao, before I wanted to visit another friend in Tagum. This stay in Davao was really overloaded with activities. I did arrive after lunch time and in the afternoon I found myself already walking in China town. The next day we visited the Crocodiles Park and was later strolling around the People's Park area for a lunch. After this, we decided to make a trip to Samal Island. It was my first time, to see a whole 'Lechon baboy' (some guys are using 'Litson' instead) making a trip with a banka to it's final destination. This time: The blue jaz Resort. Filipino really love to enjoy lechon for every special occasion!

There is so much more to mention, what to do while staying in Davao but my time was limited. Just to give few more hints: Of course the Philippine Eagle center, The GAP Farming Resort with a lot of information about local fruits and maybe the Davao-Museum in Insular Village I. It is closed on Mondays.

Tagum City
Tagum City Court, Branch 31 I left Davao City the other day with an ordinary bus. Heading to Tagum City. A friend from Canada is married to a Pinay and living in Tagum. Another friend of mine is working at the Court in Tagum as stenographer.  Of course, I had to visit my Canadian friend and his wife and could stay for one night in their house. After a lot of fine Canadian Whisky we tried their Karaoke machine. Lucky us... Filipino are really strong and can survive even the hardest challenges. Listening to us while we are torturing the microphones. But it was a nice day and evening.

VW beatle in Tagum I met my stenographer friend the next day at the Court and after a short tour inside the Court I felt a little bit like home in Germany again: The Presiding Judge loves his old VW beatle.  It has a special parking lot with a roofing. The Judge was already about 70 but every day coming to work with his car. Even I am not a worker at Volkswagen. It is nice to see that Quality made in Germany is welcome in many countries of the world. We left Tagum with a Jeepney on a rough road to Sto. Tomas.

Sto. Tomas
Aloha Resort, Sto. Tomas, Davao I left the Jeepney short before we reached the center of Sto. Tomas because I had booked one week in the Aloha Resort and this is directly located next to the National Road between Tagum and Sto. Tomas. I have no idea, if it still exist but when I was there: It was a really nice stay. The big swimming pool just in front was so inviting early in the morning. And the room was nice. While weekends, the Resort is a bit crowded sometimes because it is offering facilities and places for partying with karaoke. But while the week, it was really a relaxing stay.

The friend was able to lend me a small motorcycle. This way it was more easy for me to explore the surrounding landscape. Do you know? There are a lot of big banana plantations all around Sto. Tomas. Some are producing for Dolé.

walking native One day, we decided to visit some from the natives because one of our friends has relatives there in the mountains. So we bought some things they often need for their daily living and started our trip into the mountainous area with few motorcycles and as far as possible. But after few kilometers it was no longer possible to ride them. We came into need to park them and walk like the natives, we are going to visit. Experiences like this are not possible for a normal tourist without a local guide because especially in Mindanao you need always to be aware of meeting guys from the NPA. The 'New people's army'.

written by Frank

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