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Instead of waiting for an expensive flight to Baguio you should enjoy a trip with a Victory liner bus.

How to go from Manila to Baguio?

Summer Capital: Baguio
The MansionExploring the Philippines by yourself while staying in Manila? You should plan a trip to the 'Summer Capital' in the mountains of Benquet. Even the President of the Philippines has a residence there: The Mansion. Curious about the temperature difference? Check our page about the weather for the actually temperature in Manila and Baguio but I can assure you: The difference in average is always more then 6°. 

Going by bus from Manila to Baguio is as easy as like this: Go early (8:00 a.m. is not bad) to the Victory Liner Terminal in Pasay, buy your ticket (by 450 PHP) and enjoy your trip. This is the long ride, lasting 7 - 8 hours including 3 stops. If you know already, the date you want to ride, you can make a reservation until 8 days before your trip should start. This way you will become a seat in a so called 'First class' bus with no stops every now and then. The ride will last only estimated by 4 hours this way. 

BaguioWhen the regular bus trip starts in Pasay, you can experience an unexpected habit: Conductor and driver will watch out for more, possible passenger while slowly passing the street. And often, they are really lucky that way. This will stop when the bus is entering the next Expressway. I was riding the route via Dau/Mabalacat, Tarlac and Urdaneta, Pangasinan. I don't know, if there is another route available too. Last time, new for me, we passed San Fernando before we start to climb the mountains.

What to do in Baguio?
Go opposite from the Victory Liner Terminal and visit the Tourist information for a hotel (if you like to do it this way). For 50 PHP they will bring you to your chosen hotel. Check the available rooms and if you feel satisfied with the quality, they will ask their share from the hotel for bringing a new guest.

Gold mines viewOther things you can do in Baguio: Visit the Burnham Park and ride a boat there. Visit the Botanical Park, if possible stay in Baguio when the Panagbenga Festival is. This is the whole February. It is the 'blooming flowers Festival'. The street dancing parade will be always on the fourth Sunday of February. The closing ceremonies are always on the first Sunday in March. Visit the 'Mountains View Park', take a picture in front of 'The Mansion', dress like a native and buy a picture from this, if you like with a real Swiss 'Bernadine' dog or on the back of a horse. Visit the 'Gold mines view' and of course: You should visit the PMA, the Philippine Military Academy. Don't forget to have your passport with you when you go there.

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