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There is no reason to enter a comfort room in the Philippines with a mobile phone just to ask for help if there is no toilet paper. After this text you will know how to solve this "problem" and you will know how to use a 'tabo' (water dipper) and how to feel more clean then by using toilet paper

The tabo in the comfort room

How to use the tabo
The water dipper or tabo is usually pronounced as "tah-bow". We Filipino often use this instead of using toilet paper after using a toilet (bath room) in cleaning our buttocks after a bowel movement. First you should be aware that here in the Philippines not all the toilet bowl have an automatic flush. And not every toilet here, public or private is providing toilet paper. Instead of toilet paper, some are using a pail or timba with a tabo on it. Upon entering the toilet, you should make sure that the pail have enough water. If it's not full... start refilling it while getting out of your pants and panty. Yepp... use the hook at the door to hang them there. This way you can be sure that your clothes will not be soiled while you are doing your business.

It might be a little bit scary at the start but all you have to do is like this: sit or squat in the toilet bowl then do your business. After you are done, get the tabo and put some water in it, wet your free hand and get a little soap and then wash your buttocks with soap and water. If you think it is needed, you still can take some more water again using the tabo just to continue washing your buttocks till it's thoroughly clean. Now it's the time you need a towel to dry your buttocks.

And after doing this for sometimes you will realized that this is better than using a toilet paper. This will make you feel much cleaner and refresh than using toilet paper alone.

And you should be aware also before planning to visit the Philippines that not all the toilet or bathroom here have a shower. And as usual, we have the pail/timba together with the tabo for taking a bath. All you need to do again is put enough water in the pail before taking a bath and use the tabo in pouring the water all over your body. Maybe at first, you feel uncomfortable with this situation. All you need to do is to think you are learning new things in your life. Just accept the fact that in this world not all people is blessed with luxury and material things. Just think also that this is the best part and experience in your life. You need to adopt on the situation and just have some fun. Before you know it, you already doing it like a natural thing that you are doing in your everyday life.

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