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Avoid paying higher fares for riding a taxi. Learn, how to reduce your expenses.

Tricky tricks

Taxi fares
yellow-taxi If you are planning to visit the Philippines, you need to know how to ride the public transportation and to pay exact amount only. As most of the guys here want to earn money in an easy way even if it is already in form of cheating foreigner by asking them to pay higher price than necessary. The big example is the taxi. As of now, we already have different types of taxi especially in the airport. COUPON taxi, is available only from NAIA terminal 1 in meet and greet area and go only on the defined location and they have fix price in every location. UBER (you need to register first and have a credit card), private Taxi, the airport YELLOW CAB and the ordinary taxi's is all existing.

Among the above mention, the yellow cab is the best to ride among them all. They are using taxi meter and the flag down rate start actually on 70.00 PHP. But you need to be careful also, sometimes some of them is really making business inside the taxi. I have my own experience with this guys. I arrive in NAIA terminal 4 and as usual, I take a yellow cab to my home in Sucat. He use the meter but after few minutes, he start talking to me telling me that it is traffic in the area and ask me if how about if I pay him 350.00 pesos instead of using the meter.

Since I am always going to my hometown and I am always in the airport, I already know how much I need to pay for the taxi. Even it is by contracting them or by meter. So I make a bargain and ask him if he is willing to accept 300.00 pesos and if not we will use the meter. Because I know when there is no traffic, I only pay 258.00 pesos from Sucat to NAIA terminal 1 and I always give 300.00 pesos and I did not take the change. I know I can complain about the driver but it will give me stress. You can choose the meter because it is available. The taxi driver cannot force you to pay higher than the real amount on the meter. It is up to you to give some little amount to the driver if you feel you want to give.

If you are in some places and you want to ride an ordinary taxi, the flag down rate is 40.00 pesos. But same as the airport taxi driver, there are a lot of driver's who want to take advantage to their passenger especially if it is a foreigner. They will ask you to pay a higher amount like you are in contract than to use the meter. My advice is, if you encounter this kind of taxi driver and you are not in a hurry you can say no to them and insist that he must use the meter or much better to find another taxi who can offer you the service using the meter.

You need also to use some tricks in the ordinary taxi same as what I am doing. If you are visiting here in the Philippines and you have a Filipino/Filipina friend, stay a little bit far from your friend and let them find the taxi. By this trick you can save much money cause the taxi driver will not charge high with his fellow Filipino cause we know how much the real price is to pay. But if you stand beside your friend the price automatically goes up because the driver see a dollar sign. When I arrive here in the Philippines with my husband last December 2014 we stay in Shogun Hotel in Pasay Rotonda. After our 20 days stay in the hotel, we need to move in our house in Sucat. We ask the hotel service car and they charge us 750.00 pesos. I tell my husband we try to find taxi on the road to know how much the taxi driver will charge us. He volunteer to find a taxi, and when he come back in the hotel, he tell me the taxi driver charge him 1,000.00 pesos and when he say no the driver lower the price to 800.00 pesos.

He was ready to take the hotel's service car but I told him I try my luck to find a taxi in the same road where he stand. The first taxi driver charge me 300.00 pesos to Sucat so I get his service. I go back to the hotel to pick up my husband and our two big luggage. (Mine alone is already 31 kg). When we arrive in Sucat I give the taxi driver 500.00 pesos so he earn 200.00 pesos more from me. Another experience about the high price is, me and my husband is in Mall Of Asia to meet his friend from Switzerland. After spending time with them, we decided to go back in our hotel room in Pasay so we go to the taxi stand. There are so many passengers waiting for a taxi and the line is really long. A private driver from FX approach my husband and offer us a ride. When we ask how much to Pasay Rotonda he say 350.00 pesos so my husband politely say no to him.

But the driver did not give up easily, he say take a look in front of you the line is so long are you willing to wait here? Then my husband reply to the taxi driver, "If the price is like that... YES, I am willing to wait". Because the taxi meter is only 80.00 pesos. From that time when we want to ride a taxi, my husband stay away from me so I can call a taxi with or with out using the taxi meter but I always pay a reasonable price. Just try this simple tricks if you are with your Filipino friend. You need also to ask some friends here if you have, how much they pay if they go to the place where you want to go. I hope this simple tricks will work with you also.

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