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After my first experience on the market, I wanted to increase my chances without paying more then needed. Check the result.

Second visit on the market

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Standard cut
We decided again to visit the market early because we had the hope, to find again a whole pig that early. And YES... we was right about that. But this time, we was better prepared and asked only for a standard cut from behind the head down till rib 6. Cutting of the leg is also a standard cut. I asked and showed to cut it inclusive the shoulder blade, but the helper did not follow this. His cut started properly but then he goes down to the join and let the shoulder blade inside. But this was no problem with us. I can remove the shoulder at home. Nice for us: We bought now 15kg fresh pork inclusive my neck for the standard price. We can learn too! :-)

15kg_pork This was the 15kg piece of pork, when we arrived home. OK, the chopping board was not really made for a piece of flesh this size but there is no other chance. My first time to cut and saw some pig flesh. OK, I was well trained by YouTube and highly motivated. Marking the line, grabbed my saw with a new saw blade and start to do my new job. Cutting away the shoulder blade was 'torturing the shoulder' for me as beginner. Need more training for that. Will watch the video some more times (smile).

Pork neck After maybe 20 min. I was done and could start to cut the neck into slices. Each by 1 inch thick. I experienced one difference compared to the video I preferred to watch: His half pig is out of the cold store area. Maybe 5° Celsius. Much more easy to cut then the fresh flesh I had on the table. Mine was slaughtered maybe 4:00 a.m. and the temperature at 7:30 a.m. still high. Cooling a whole pig or in pieces in the market? You buy what you see and make sure, you prepare it after coming home or divide it and put it in the freezer. Never let 'fresh' flesh from wherever only in the fridge. Not even for 24 hours or you can expect a light green color already!

Because it fit the context, I want to share an experience from countryside. How they slaughter a pig there. It starts already 2 - 3 days before by let's the neighborhood know: "Soon we will slaughter a pig. If you are interested you can buy flesh per kg for '-price-'. How many kg do you want? You have to pay cash when you take the flesh!" Slowly there are coming some orders in: 2kg for the green house in front, 3kg for the neighbor left side etc. On the expected day the slaughter will come, the owner of the pig is preparing hot water (to remove the hairs), has extra vinegar in the house for the blood and a big table made of bamboo is ready for the event.

butchering a pig After the pig is dead and the blood mixed with vinegar in a big plastic bowl, the pig will be stay on the table while the butcher and a helper will start to clean it. First from outside - removing every hair. For this they poor hot water over the skin and the butcher will scrub the hairs with a knife away. It looks so easy but might be a hard work. After this is done, the butcher will open the pig to remove everything from inside. Intestine, stomach, liver, heart, lung and some more. After that, he will divide the pig like he was ever doing it. Like his father teaches him and like that father was teaches by his father. There is no care for a tenderloin or a ham to smoke. What are spare ribs for BBQ? Who need a steak from the neck? Whatever count is: "2kg for the green house in front, 3kg for the neighbor left side etc." If you won't believe me this kind of 'profession'... check the picture!

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