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I really love the Philippines. And I love the Philippine cuisine and all the yummy dishes here but sometimes, I am really craving for a big piece of flesh, just with salt and black pepper.

Checking the chances

'Hunting for a steak'
I am from Germany and used to have once in a while a nice piece of flesh on the table. No need for an expensive Porterhouse or T-bone steak. I am already satisfied with a nice steak, cut from a yummy pork neck. With only little parts of fat but a nice flesh. Medium rare, just a little salt from a salt mill and nice black pepper all over.

free_space_add One day, I was with friends in a Mall strolling, when I could see in the food court an offer for a 'grilled T-bone steak' for about 200 PHP. I really could not resist to ask the Saleslady: How thick is it? She show to me between her thumb and pointing finger maybe a half inch. That would be a nice (but unbelievable) size for this country and this price. But I need to order this! Even for a try. - To be honest: I could not make a picture from her special kind of an inch. The steak was only maybe 6mm thick which is a quarter of an inch. But to be fair: I have no idea how the 'Lady from the grill' could make it really medium. I wanted to take the next time a picture because I had no cam with me at that time. But that shop was no longer available and the place again to lease. Maybe... I was not the only unsatisfied customer?

But now my interest was awaken and I started to search for big cut of flesh. Oh yeah, I was not expecting to find an American Steak, even I had a little hope because there is a lot influenced by the American here in the Philippines but for the mean time, I already would accept to find a butcher who is cutting a pig in a 'proper' way, so I can find my piece of neck. After some tries we was able to find in a SM Hypermarket a meat stall, who could offer (even from a frozen piece) to cut slices like I want: nearly 2 inch thick, please. But here it is called 'Pork steak' but the cut is still different.

I really don't want to complain. I love a nice Pork Adobo, but that's like a German Goulash, flesh cut into pieces. I don't eat that daily. A roasted chicken is the biggest piece of flesh since now, I could experience in the Philippines. But you need to be fast and order it with a 'Don't cut, please' or else your happiness is again divided into pieces :-)

It became my hobby to search for my 'pork neck'. I am not a butcher but YouTube can help to answer the question: How to butcher a pig head to tail but sad: If you search with this English keywords, you can't find the European way to cut a pig. It seems to me, only the German and maybe few neighboring countries are cutting a pig that way to have the neck as a single piece. Cutting half a pig on the table will go like this in Germany: Removing the head first, then removing the ham, cutting of the front leg including the shoulder blade, cutting the ribs by 4 inch along the spine and now comes the important cut for the neck: cut between rib 6 and 7 to the spine and divide it there. THIS is the 'Pork neck' like the German cut it. In America, this part is divided while cutting away the 'Boston butt'.

meat_stall Once we decided to visit the Public market really early in the morning. We left the house already by 7:00 a.m. and arrived at the market maybe by 7:30 a.m. and it shows to us: This is the best time to find, what we are looking for. We could really find a whole pig there hanging. Wow! My chance to ask for my neck. I explained with help from Tess, what we wanted to have but we learned our lesson when it comes to the payment: 1 kg pork was normally 185 PHP that day. But they charged Tess and me 235 PHP because we ask for a 'Special cut'. And it was not exactly the way how I wanted to have the cut but OK. I can learn too! ;-)


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