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I can't write anything about a slum area because I can't stay there. But I am living in a squatter camp, on the way to become an official sub division.

Welcome in our Squatter camp

How is the living here?
Squatter camp I want to take the opportunity to be your tour guide here in a Philippine squatter camp. I know, you will not try a single attempt to go near in such a place here, so let me tell you about the people who is living there. One of them is me. If you hear the word squatter camp the first thing coming up in your mind will be like: The people staying there are thief's and robbers. A Squatter camp is a place where the drug pusher and drug addicts are. Kidnappers and hold upper feel at home there are sluts, scammers and gold diggers too.

The place where I am staying now is one of the squatter camps in the Philippines. We call this a squatter camp because the houses here grow like a mushroom in the wilderness. No one owns a lot here, we are staying on the other peoples property. Yes maybe, there are drug pushers and drug addicts here, thief's and robbers, hold upper and sluts are here but let us be honest: all of what I mention above is not only to find in a squatter camp. Mostly, you can find them wearing uniforms and they are staying in the office with a high position/rank.

Induction cooker Here in my place, you can see the houses are often big, complete with steel roof and concrete walls and with steel gates and steel window grills. With own toilet and bathroom. Electricity and water is common here too. They are living a good life here. You will be amused to know that there is a lot of degree holder staying here. Engineers, teachers, policemen, security guards, baker, blacksmith and many more. Houses here are also with tiles on the floor. And many houses are as big as 36sqm and two story like mine. You can see in almost every houses a big LCD television, water dispenser, refrigerator, induction cooker, washing machine, laptop/computer, sing along video karaoke machine and some you can see here using the newest iPhone. And few houses you can see they are using A/C (air-condition unit) and water heater in the shower (like I have).

Bed room Interesting, is it? If you want to ask why we are living here in the often so called slum area if we are degree holders? Some of them are born here in this place. Grow up here and become educated. There is a school in our place too. Land is so expensive here in Manila that we cannot afford to buy a piece of land. This is also often the nearest place to go to work. When I started to stay here in 2014, I cannot sleep at night time because of the fear in my heart that anytime I will find robbers inside my house. But luckily, after a year here it never happened to me. Yes maybe, if you did not care for your safety and give the chance to the thief's and robbers to go inside your house they will really rob you.

My neighbors here are really good and we care for each other. So now I can tell you, not every so called slum area is dangerous. Actually, the danger is everywhere out there. You cannot say you are safe just because you are living outside. As I told you before, the danger is brought to you sometimes by men in uniform and those who is staying in the offices. Not all, but a lot. - Actually it is like this: We are holding up meetings for home owner in this squatter camp because the Government told us, it is interested to make it a legal sub division. We already have a 'Barangay Captain', paying a monthly support to make our small streets inside more safe by installing street lights and to prevent robbers doing their job in our camp.

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