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It is nice to see: Not every youngster need to become a bad guy. A simple half court already can help a lot for killing time in a proper way.

Raising pigeons and other activities

The Half court
My sister is living here already for about 30 years. I was about 16 years old when I come here in Manila for the first time and stay with her for few months. When I come back here after 33 years, there is so many changes in this place so I ask her: How it comes, there is a school here even it is a 'Squatter camp', she told me some about the situation from the past because her house is next to the school.

Once, there was a full Basketball court there. Basketball is very popular in the Philippines but when more and more peoples come to live in this area, the Government decided to build up a public school here. And the best (and biggest) place was the Basketball court. The government built a 3 floors school building here so the kids in this community will not go to a far place to study. This is also a big help for the parents because they don't need to give money for the Jeepney fare. This school is holding classes from Kindergarten to Grade Six.

They transferred the field for the players to another place but there was only space for a "Half court". Better than nothing! Because in their spare time, the guys love to play Basketball. So even a half court can do. The youngsters are playing there in different groups from early in the morning till late in the evening. For us here, it is more better that this teenagers spend their time playing Basketball. It is healthy, than they spend their time in useless thing and do something that can harm their self and our community.

Sometimes they need to make a pause because some women are allowed to use the place for a fitness course called 'Sumba' for old and young. They group together, following the instructor in front of them and move to the rhythm of the music. The first time that I stay in this place again, I stay near the half court. I hear early in the morning or it is about 5:30 A.M a really loud sound from the loud speaker. When I ask my daughter what is that sound they told me that there is a group of women doing their 'Sumba' in the half court.

The music last for 2 hours. And at first, it is everyday. Then it becomes 3 times a week down to once a week only. When I ask one of the woman from that group, she told me that some family is complaining in Barangay Hall that the sound is disturbing. In my mind, of course it is really so early and they will play the music in a loud speaker. Even me myself is almost to the point to go and complain also because it is really so loud and disturbing. So many guys here in the area is working at night shift. Like me - I am working here in my computer until 2 A.M because that's the best time for a good connection on internet. Then you are in your best sleep and the music suddenly burst like it is next to your ears. Hmmmmm, no one will become happy.

One more good thing having this half court here is, if someone died in this area, you can often see they are doing the wake in this place. It is common to cover the whole place, put up tents to make sure, even an unexpected rain can not disturb the ceremony.

The new meetings from the Barangay Office for the 'Homeowner Association' are held on that place, like other activities for the kids when there is a birthday.

Politicians are gathering here also for possible voters in this court and entertain them for one evening. Official meetings to offer jobs or information about health and other topics are also used to held there.

In my direct neighborhood is a young guy, holding on the rooftop pigeons. He is cleaning the cages, building new ones, feed his doves and sometimes I can see him, leaving the house with some birds and it seems, he let them fly from another point to check, if they already find the way home.

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