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I really wish every of this guys here the best and a good chance to earn some money with their small business. Their life is hard but this guys are the good ones.

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I really admire this guys
If we really think how to earn money, we can do that even if we are in the house. We don't need to be a college degree holder to start planning for a small business that our family can benefit. Especially our own child. We don't need to be ashamed that we are only doing laundry or cleaning someone's nails by offering manicure or pedicure. As long as we earn and it is a decent job we must be proud of our self.

Just to mention some more of them:
using the tracks Have you seen the street vendor, offering single sticks of cigarettes? He can earn only one peso per stick but stays in the street from early in the morning till late at night for this. Same with the guy who is walking in front of a traffic light between the cars on the street, offering a bottle cold drinking water. Have you seen that porter with his dolly at the bus stop? He is waiting for a chance to earn few pesos by carrying a big luggage or some goods. Next to Bicutan you can see few guys with a special cart, using the train tracks for offering a transportation service, pushing the cart with their feet forward.

selling toys Have you ever seen that guy in the street with his little push-cart, offering some simple plastic toys for kid's? The guy at a frequent Jeepney stop, shouting the target of every Jeepney is earning 1 - 3 peso from a driver if he could find a new passenger. Did you ever ride a bus in the Philippines? If YES, maybe you could experience the guys coming in, riding few kilometers with the bus and offering different kind of snacks or candies? They don't need to pay for this ride because the bus company allow them as service for their passengers to do their small business inside their bus. Turnips (yummy roots), quails eggs, mani (peanuts), hot dogs or Buko-pie. Don't forget to mention the vendor offering C2 (green tea soft drink) or drinking water. Sometimes you can find someone selling oranges.

collecting bottles In some remote places you can see red or green liquid in bottles. The simplest way to offer one liter diesel or gasoline for motorcycle riders. Most of this riders can't afford to fill their tank full at a gas station. So they always ride with an nearly empty tank. In the street you can see guys carrying and selling slippers, simple rubber shoes, offering the local lottery or buying your empty bottles by shouting 'bote-bote'. A friend of mine told me from such a guy who is doing this small business in his area. The guy can't read or do simple mathematics but he know how to solve this problem: He put every bottle on the ground and lay the peso coin at the bottom of the bottle. Then he collect the bottles in his sack and hand the money to the owner.

gasoline Thank you for reading about all this guys. Next time, when you see one of them and be able to buy something from them: Please do it. They sacrifice already a lot for a decent income. - I know what I am talking about because I was for many years of my life one of them, when my 3 girls was small and before I got the chance to work abroad as a maid and nanny.

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