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Can you imagine how hard it might be to sell even single sticks of cigarettes to earn with each only a single peso?

Small business 2

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So many guys now doing the ukay-ukay business. It is a second hand store that sells used clothing, bags, shoes, stuffed toys and many more. Ukay-ukay is a Filipino version of flea market and it means to dig. Through the years, this second hand industry has evolved. Before it is sold in piles where people have to dig deep to find what they are looking for. Now it is already in hanger and arrange in racks so it is easy to find what you want. I once planed to start this business as I can see, people always go in Ukay-ukay store. The reason is, it is original and branded and more cheaper than the new one.

Sari-sari store
Sari-sari store We call this sari-sari store because it contains few items from the basic needs in our daily living. It is all in small pack, from shampoo, hair conditioner, sugar, laundry soap, laundry conditioner, all the small things we use in the kitchen for cooking. They sell per piece the onion, garlic and you can buy 5 pesos cooking oil that you cannot buy in supermarket. Soft drinks in small bottles and beers. Name it and you can have it. Many guys are using even a simple room to the street with a small window to install their own sari-sari store.

BBQ In the morning, this guys buy the pork meat, chicken, head and feet also of the chicken, small intestine and liver. They cut the pork meat into small pieces and marinate it in vinegar, soy sauce, pepper, salt. In the afternoon they will put it in the skewer made out from bamboo sticks same as with the other parts from chicken in preparation to grill it. The price of one stick barbeque is depend on the quantity. The price start from 6 pesos to 15 pesos each sticks. Same price for the liver, feet, intestine and head from chicken. They will grill it using charcoal. So many guys buy barbeque to eat it together with rice or make it as 'pulutan' (little snacks) while drinking beer or liquor.

Kakanin (Filipino Native Delicacies)
It is food for merienda, that they cooked in their house and put it in a tray and they start roaming around here in the neighborhood while shouting the name of that food. So we all know what is inside of the tray. Some of that is: banana que (fried ripe banana on a stick with sugar), spring rolls, puto or rice cake, cassava cake and more. This is few compare to so many foods that a housewife can cooked and sell. With this we are also earning some pesos in addition to what our husband is earning. So instead of sitting their outside of your house, with some neighbor and start talking about other peoples lives, why not start to plan and learn how to cook food for merienda and earn money.

Doing the laundry
Some women are working hard while doing the laundry by hand for customers. They can not earn much this way. Maybe 5 - 10 pesos per kg. One of my friends here is lucky because she own a washing machine. She was thinking about, how to earn some extra money while she is at home and take care her new born baby and her husband is at work. Now she is collecting our neighbors dirty clothes and she do the laundry for them. And she earn because of that. Just a simple example how to turn a chance into a small business.


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