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If you are less fortunate, you have only two chances to survive. I admire the guys who are doing every kind of decent business instead of becoming a criminal.

Small business

It's all about survival
Living in this world means survival. We need to think how to survive in our everyday life. The more you need to think about this when you already have a family of your own. You need to make sure that you have enough food for your kids. Money to buy all the daily basic needs. Not only foods and clothes. You need also to think for their education. It is not a big problem if you are educated and you have a nice and well paid job. But how about those less fortunate in life? Who need to save every single centavo they can earn to buy food for the whole family?

If only our Philippine government will think on how to help this less fortunate people, maybe we cannot see guys who are begging in the streets. I see in other countries that the government is helping their people by giving them work. For example, if you happen to go in Hong Kong and you eat in McDonald, Jollibee, KFC, Cafe de Coral to name a few. In this establishment you can see that the service crew is with disability. Some are hunchback, some are crippled, some are crossed eyed. But they can do the simple work like cleaning the table and sweeping the floor. Some old guys is hired as street sweeper. And with this kind of work, they already earn for their living so they don't need to roam around the streets and beg for some cents to buy their food.

I am hoping that in the near future our government can do this also. But I know, I don't need to blame anyone. It is our own duty to find means for our living to survive. I can see a lot of people here doing really hard things just to earn. The only thing we need to know is to motivate our self that even if it is an odd job, or a tough job but all in all it is still a decent job. I admire those people who find ways to earn even a little money for their family and want to promote them here. You can help such when you buy something from them.

Selling clothes hanger
clothes hanger I find this guy roaming around in the road, going inside of every streets he find just to sell the hanger. With all the hanger hanging on his shoulder and the whole day he is walking around the place. The price of one hanger with 12 clips on it is 10 pesos and 35 pesos per one dozen. I am thinking he only earn 2-5 pesos on every item he can sell so he need to be good in sales talk to earn more. Thinking that if I buy a hanger it will last for years before one hanger is broken. So if I buy from him, he will be back next year (smile). The distances he need to walk around will become longer and longer because he need daily to find new possible customers. For sure not really an easy life. But he is willing to take this challenge for a decent earning.

Selling 'Ice Buko'
This guy is carrying a styrofoam container with maybe around 300 pieces of 'Ice Buko'. It is a simple ice on a stick. The price is 6 pesos for 1 Ice Buko and the other guy sell another kind for 10 pesos each. It is heavy to carry this box but he is willing to sell to earn money in a decent way. To have more buyer, this Ice Buko man has a 'pabunot' paper with him. 'Pabunot' means it is like a raffle ticket. For one peso, you can pick up one paper and inside it show a number. If you are lucky and your one peso paper contains a only 2 digit number, you win one ice Buko. I am always waiting for this guy. I want to help so I buy 16 pieces from him every time he come. Then I give the kids some coins so they can play the 'pabunot'. I don't try my luck because I want to support him this way.


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