Introducing Shyralyn Leocario Aboyme - a deaf and mute upcoming artist


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Pagetopic: Sharing the story of the upcoming artist Shyralyn (by Tess)

Introducing: Shyralyn, the deaf and mute artist

Shyralyn - The deaf and mute
ShyralynShyralyn was born on October 17, 1992. Her parents lives in Tigayon Kalibo Aklan and she is the youngest among the three. She go to Kalibo Integrated Special Education Center for deaf and mute. When she finish her elementary she is a class valedictorian. 3 years after she graduate in grade 6 before she continue her studies and finish her high school because at that time the Department of Education (DepEd) did not accept high school student for deaf and mute. But when the DepEd open high school class for deaf and mute, her parents send her to school despite their financial difficulties.

After high school, instead of going to university she need to work to help her parents. She go and work in her Uncles tailoring shop, the CGS Tailoring as a sewer of athletes uniform. One day, she receive offer from one of the school from Kalibo. The Northwestern Visayan Colleges or NVC offer her a 6 months free training to learn computer.

Shyralyn at the sewing machine

In 2014, an art teacher from NVC, the same school where she attend a free computer training ask her to come to school to attend painting lesson once a week. Until such time Shyralyn and 14 others deaf and mute learn how to paint. The art teacher exhibit the painting made by the students but they did not receive part of what the painting earned.

I just want to help Shyralyn by sharing her story. I know there is still a lot of good Samaritans out there who is willing to help to the needy. And Shyralyn, even if she is not lucky like us, even if she cannot hear and talk but it did not stop her to do what the normal human being can do. The only thing is, even if she know how to paint but she don't know where to sell her painting by herself to get the most out of this to support her family and private needs.

If someone wish to help her, you can contact her through FB: shyralyn.aboyme.1

one of her paintings
One of her paintings

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