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This whole website might be interesting to you but you need one place where to find concentrated information and tips. This is here. Always the newest tips on top.

Short tips and links

No Airport fee?
Two different travelers gave us the information, that they wasn't ask to pay the standard 550 PHP Airport fee on March, Saturday 26, 2016. We need to do some research for the possible reason. 

Taxi Flag down reduced
The LTFRB (Land Transportation and Franchising Regulatory Board) announced on March 8, 2016 that the Taxi Flag down for regularly Taxi will be 30 PHP and for Yellow Taxi at the Airport 60 PHP. Starting on March 19. This will take effect nationwide.

Tips in short:
Your flight will arrive expected after 10 p.m. and you are a first time visitor in the Philippines? Make sure to have even $50 in your wallet but only in small bills. If the ATM's are empty and the Money changers are already closed, you need some money for the taxi to your hotel if you are not using a Shuttle service from the hotel. Nearly every Taxi driver will ask for $20 even just to Pasay/Rotonda area without using the Taxi meter. But $10 - max. $15 is already more then enough for such a ride because the price with meter would cost only by 200 PHP. ($10 ~ 450 PHP)

Arriving at Terminal 1 and no friend to pick you up? Leave the Airport to the left side and chose a Yellow Taxi for your ride to the Hotel.

Arriving at Terminal 1 and expect to find your Shuttle Service from your Hotel? Pass the street and follow the entry on the right side to the -Greeters' Area- (show picture)

If you have a connecting flight from Terminal 2 - 4 you can use the free shuttle service from Terminal 1. Leave the Terminal to the right side. (show picture)

Arriving at Terminal 1 and having a connecting flight maybe to Cebu, Bohol or Boracay? Every Domestic flight is a new Check-in process at another Terminal like T2, T3 or T4. The max. weight for Domestic flights is limited to 15 kg. You have to pay for exceeding weight.

The 'Visa on arrival' last since 08/2013 now 30 days. Make sure the expiration date of your passport will last for 6 month after the 30 days limit.

The fee for international departing passengers at Terminal 1 is now 550 PHP. The fee for domestic flight passengers is 200 PHP.

If you want to fly with your Filipina spouse out of the country, expect to pay for her a "Travel tax". Tax in 2013: 1,620.00 PHP (show picture)

Links for your own research:

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