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My husband can share some experiences from a Purok, countryside in Zambales, when he visited a friend there. It reminds him at times when he was young.

Unbelievable experiences countryside

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Earning for a living
Handcart When I was young, I am used to hear every Friday on the street the vendor with the fresh fish ringing his bell. I can remember the time when the guy with his little mobile business was offering to sharpen knives or scissors in the street. Other guys was offering to clean your carpet in few minutes outside on a machine, carried on a trailer behind a car. The man who was selling fresh fruits from a handcart is still in my mind and part of my youth. But every of that guys was at evening, even late at night, back home at their family.

Pedicab with items One morning, I was sitting with my friend in his kubo, drinking a coffee and enjoying the fresh Pandesal, a guy with a bicycle just sold few minutes before to us, when a Pedi cab with a driver, a woman and a little boy comes along our street. He was nearly hidden from the items to sell, he was carrying with the Pedi cab. I was really surprised and felt in need to go to him and talk to him and take a look at what he is offering. I was asking for a simple mat made of maybe coconut material, to put it in front of the house entry to clean the feet before going inside. Sadly he could not offer such thing but when I was asking, where he was coming from, he told me: From North Luzon. And my friends place is located in Central Luzon! This guy was riding with his Pedi cab far away from his home, with his family and sleeping outside, just to earn some money for his living. It was a time when there was no school, that's why the son was with him. - Unbelievable for me!

Plastic items and toys This guy was no longer a big surprise but the highlight for especially the kids in the street. Aside from any kind of plastic items like hanger, pail or bowls for the laundry, he was carrying a lot of toys on his Pedi cab. And with a special offer: Every item only 20 PHP. I guess, he is always the star (for the kids) when he comes along somewhere. For me, as a business man, experienced in calculating a price for every item to sell, I am really curious to know, how such a vendor can still earn some money aside from his expenses for the gasoline and for the items to buy.

One of the most surprising experience I want to share recently. I was riding with my friend in his L300 the street from San Antonio to San Marcelino when we could see, maybe half of the way, a guy with slippers walking in the National Road. Nothing special? Of course something special because he was carrying a maybe 1m wide vitrine for a living room on his shoulder. Just holding it with his hand there. My friend told me, this guy is walking with this item until he was able to sell it somewhere. Till then, he will walk with it, offering it everywhere and sleep next to it in the fields. - I bow my head for this way to suffer just for earning money for a living - with a decent job!

written by Frank

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