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Not everyone like to use such a new system. New to himself. But if ever you want to stroll in Manila: Use it. It is cheap and easy to use. Believe me. Just read how to ride the MLRT.

Fast, cheap and with air-condition

Riding the MLRT
MLRT small map We was staying in Pasay next to Rotonda and there are two stations from the Manila Light Rail Transport system available. One is the start/end of the MRT line heading to North. It is named 'the blue line'. The other is line LRT-1 and the Stop is No.2 from Baclaran to North. It is named 'the yellow line'. You can see the crossing in the map at the bottom. We decided to give it a try cause we never tried it before and when you take a look at the traffic jam you really want to believe: This might be the fastest way to commute in Manila. You can load a bigger map version by clicking this link.

Ticket machine We started our excursion on the overpass Rotonda, following a lot of other guys to the expected area where to buy a ticket. The way was marked with few carton signs: "No ticket". After reaching the area, we could see 2 ticket machines and some guys in line, waiting to become the next to serve. We fall inline and when we stood in front of both, the left one was only available with a 'Beep card'. Whatever that might be, we did not own one, so we started the buying process on the right machine. It is easy to handle, cause it has a touch screen. Start on the bottom left: Buy a ticket. Choose the station you want to go in the line of possible Stops. Choose the number of tickets you want to buy, pay the amount you can read on the screen. You can pay with bills or coins. That's a good chance to give some from the little Peso coins away! When it's done, the tickets, a recipe and possible change can be taken out of the box at the bottom. Done!

first car for women If you are couples or a group, give to everyone already the ticket cause every person need to use it to unlock the Entrance. Hold the ticket on top on the field with the arrow. When it flashes green, move forward to pass the stopper. Take the way to the tracks and enter the waiting train. Attention: Single women are allow to use exclusive the first car of the train. There are no men allow. If you are with your boyfriend/husband, you can enter together one of the following cars.

Entrance/Exit stopper After arriving your Stop, leave the train (even it will be sometimes hard to move to the Exit) and follow the other passengers to the Exit. Here is again a Stopper waiting. Hold your ticket already in your right hand when arriving the stopper. This time, you have to insert it in front of the machine. You will be able to see a short message after that and then you can move forward. Sorry for you: You won't get the ticket as a souvenir back. If you need, you should take a picture before.

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