The Public transportation system in the Philippines


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The amount of people who need to go to somewhere in the Philippines is carried by Airplane, Ship, Jeepney, UV-Express, Bus and Taxi. And of course our special Pedi cabs.

How to commute?

AirplaneYou can use airplanes to travel here in Philippines. In NAIA Terminal 2, 3 and 4 you can find the domestic flights. You can fly with Philippine Airlines, Air Asia and Cebu Pacific to Palawan in Puerto Princesa. In Cebu, Davao, Bacolod, Sorsogon, Caticlan and Kalibo Aklan to name a few destinations using airplanes. It is very convenient and more faster to reach your destination.

Ship (Bangka)Using a ship is also possible. We have here the RoRo (Roll on Roll off) service. For example, if you are here in Manila and you want to go in Boracay you can find a bus that going to Caticlan or Kalibo (Aklan) in Cubao. From Manila to Batangas port, and from the port you will travel by ship whom already provided by the bus company to Calapan Mindoro. After arriving in Calapan Mindoro port, you will ride the same bus to the next port. The ship will cross from Roxas Mindoro to Caticlan Malay Aklan. From there you can find a ferry boat to Boracay. There is also a RoRo service available to Cebu, and if you are in Palawan they also offer RoRo service to El Nido. In Candelaria Zambales, we used the motorboat or they called it 'Bangka' to go to Potipot Island.

Bus with air-conYou can easily find buses here in Philippines especially here in Manila. We have two different type of bus here, the local bus and the long distance bus. We ride buses especially for a long distance ride like in Olongapo, Baguio, Batangas, Bicol, Quezon, Aklan, ILoilo and many more places. You can choose between the air-condition and ordinary bus. The difference between the two bus is, the long distance bus have a trunk in the body so the passenger can put their luggage inside. And the ordinary bus don't have, it is a simple bus to ride daily.

UV Express Service
Bus with air-conIn some places you can find the UV Express Service. It is a Van Service on special routes. Faster then a bus because they seldom stop on the way to the target location. Only, if a passenger has ask before and paid only the fare to that place. If you can see a UV Express Van on the street and you are able to read, where he want to ride, you can try to stop it cause they are always interested to have as much as possible passenger. I never used this service till now so I can't share proper information about this service. All I know is: They are fast and the fare is OK for this service.

TaxiTaxi's is all around. It is the easiest way to reach your destination faster. The airport yellow taxi, and the ordinary taxi is using taxi meter. But not all the taxi driver is doing this, some of them is asking their passenger a fix rate to their destination and you can find it more expensive than the amount you will pay if the taxi driver use the taxi meter. There is also a difference from the flag down rate from ordinary taxi and airport yellow taxi. 40.00 pesos for ordinary taxi and 70.00 pesos for the yellow taxi. Here are some tricks, how to save money while riding a taxi.


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