How can you earn money with a backyard piggery?


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After talking about the building, now it's the time to talk about: What's going on in the piggery? How to run it and how can you earn money this way?

Timetables and simple mathematics

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Raising a piglet to become a fat pig
You buy the small piglet normally in the age of 45 days. The estimated weight for this age might be in average by 10kg. Expect a price by 2,300 - 2,800 PHP per piglet.

The next 40 days you have to feed this piglet with so called 'Starter' feeder. Use a ready mixed feeder. The piglets are too sensible to do some experiments with self mixed food. The feeder might cost you per 50kg sack by 1,350 PHP in average. The expected daily amount of feeder per head starts by 0.8 kg and goes up to estimated 1.5 kg. For the perfectionist this will be a daily increasing of feeder by 17.5g but at the end you have to accept a usage of 1 sack with 50 kg per head. For the specialist: The expected increasing of weight per day is targeted by 0.7 kg. This means to you: The weight after this 40 days can reach between 30 and 40 kg. It is just a number and based on experiences with a good breed. Make your own experiences with different piglets from several mother hog holders.

The following 2 month (60 days) are used to fatten the pig. For the guys with interest in mathematic: We are expecting to reach a weight per head at the end of the following 2 month by 80 kg. This will follow the daily increasing by an average of 0.75 kg per day. Normally you have to feed in this time the so called 'Hog grower'. This feeder will cost you per 50 kg sack by 1,200 PHP. I know, you are interested in mathematics and numbers: The daily amount starts with 1.8 kg per head. A daily increasing of feeder is estimated by 11.9 g till you give on the last day 2.3 kg and you need to feed, following this rule 86 kg per head. Let's be honest and calculate 100 kg per head.

If you are really lucky, having a piglet from a nice breed and it like to follow my mathematics, (smile) the weight after this period should be by 80 kg. But now comes the butcher and makes you an offer like this: If your pig is below 90 kg I pay you 80 PHP per kg. Above 90 kg, I am willing to pay you 85 PHP per kg. What will you do? Any idea? For sure not really because you need some more facts before you can decide.

OK. Let's continue. By the way: This offer is an actually one (2016) on Panay Island, Province Aklan, Kalibo area. The next kind of feeder would be the 'Finisher' and the price per 50 kg sack might be 1,200 PHP. The amount of feeder per day will start by 2.5 kg and increase up to 3.0 kg till you hopefully reach the weight above 90 kg in the next 14 days. Let's calculate now a daily amount of feeder by an average of 2.75 kg. The result will be a need of 38.5 kg feeder.

Now let's compute the costs till 80 kg:
An average price per piglet : 2.500 PHP
for the first 40 days feeder. : 1.350 PHP
for the next 60 days feeder.: 2.400 PHP
your expenses in summary: 6.250 PHP
the butcher will pay you......: 6.400 PHP

Mathematics for this example: 150 PHP win

Now let's compute the costs till 91 kg:
An average price per piglet...: 2.500 PHP
for the first 40 days feeder....: 1.350 PHP
for the next 60 days feeder...: 2.400 PHP
for the last 14 days feeder....: 1.155 PHP
your expenses in summary..: 7.105 PHP
the butcher will pay you........: 7.735 PHP

Mathematics for this example..: 630 PHP win

Conclusion: Your financial result looks better if you serve your butcher with a 91 kg pig (in time). But honestly: this should be an example by simple math only. The reality should look some better to have a better earning at the end. To reach this goal, you might like to read, how to reduce the cost of feeder for pigs.

Many Filipino are using a piggery as 'piggy bank'. Their main purpose to raise even one piglet at the time: They can feed additional leftover from the table. This way they are able to get a better win result at the end. And the money will not be lost. It comes back, after always up to 4 month.

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