A fantastic week at El Nido, Palawan


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El Nido is really a nice place. Fantastic beaches, a crystal clear water and so many nature to explore all around. Enjoy your stay, like we did!

Vacation in El Nido

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Renting a motorcycle
There is a lot of places available where to rent a motorcycle in El Nido for a reasonable price. Since I don't know how to drive, my friend rent an Off-road Motorcycle for 700 pesos. I will be a back rider. We leave our passport there and they handed us the key, helmet and the map. We planned to go in the north to the isolated Nacpan Beach. It is easy for us to find our way to that heaven because our bike has come with maps that detailed the way and giving us more suggestions where the other tourist spot is and this includes hot spring and the hidden waterfalls. We realize, it is a good idea hiring the bikes.

The day was warm and sunny and the road is rough. But the scenery is quit amazing. We past a lush green forest, farms and mountains. The sky was blue over the distant mountain. We passed few bridge and bumpy roads and we were in Nacpan Beach. Being a popular tourist spot the beach was quit. I feel me and my friend is lost in paradise with crystal clear water with a white sand. We did not find the hot spring but we manage to find the hidden waterfall.

We see a very tiny 'Kubo' or a shanty house near the road and the small sign indicating that that is the way to hidden waterfalls. We stop and ask, and the woman need to call the boy maybe a 14 years old. He post as our tour guide and we give him 300 pesos. We walk for 45 minutes, we crossed around 8 or 9 streams to the waterfall. And it is worth the walk. We arrive back in El Nido shortly after sunset. the whole day is again tiring but it is worth it. We need to fill the gas tank before we headed back to the renting shop. The town's only gas station is not hard to find.

hanging aroundIf you are not allow to ride a motorcycle: Simply hanging around is already a lot of fun and relaxing (smile). All in all, our tour in El Nido is really nice. We enjoy the place and if I still have another chance to go back in Palawan, I still choose to go in El Nido. The Entalula Beach Resort is also a nice place to stay.

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