One week at El Nido, Palawan


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El Nido is really a nice place. Fantastic beaches, a crystal clear water and so many nature to explore all around. Enjoy your stay to the fullest!

Vacation in El Nido

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Tour C
Matinloc Shrine - This is one of the hidden areas in Bacuit Bay and this is a heart shape island. This place is considered to be a spiritual oasis and in this island there is a limestone cliff that you can climb up to see the view from nearby islands.

Hidden Beach - this is located on the other side of Matinloc Shrine. This is a popular habitant to local and migrant birds and rich with marine life.

Secret Beach - a beach where we need to swim through small holes inside the tunnel under the limestone cliff to reach the spot. Inside you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling under the sun. No trees here but the the entire beach is being surrounded by a towering limestone cliffs.

Helicopter Island - they call this Helicopter Island because if the boat come near the island, you can see it looks really like helicopter laying in the water and the trees grown over the years. That is how I call it myself. You will also see a long stretch of blue water and white sand beach.

Tour D
Pasandigan Beach - as our boat slowly moving around to our next destination, we have a chance to see islands with giant cliffs. And those cliffs I think is more than a hundred feet in the air. That the rock climbers would really have a hard time trying to reach the top of this cliffs. But unfortunately, the local government of El Nido prohibited the climbers in any of those cliffs. As we are approaching in the beach, I see a giant limestone walls and white sands. Some of our company in this tour go down and they enjoy snorkeling in the clear water. I just stay and watch them. Some of the tourist say this place is 'Nature heals'. Maybe that is true because while sitting there and watching the beauty that surrounds me, I feel my stressed is washed away. The boatman told us that there is a well-kept secret to this island but we did not go because it is potentially dangerous since we need to swim 50 meters or so in deep water.

Paradise Beach - We reach another white sand beach destination. But instead of cliffs like in Pasandigan Beach, this paradise is bordered by thick trees. What a lovely place. All the beaches here have a real clear water. You can see it is like a virgin forest and this beach really fits its name as Paradise. I never regret that I come here in El Nido. I enjoy the crystal clear water. The island have a tranquilizer and soothes my inner being and it mesmerize me. It is an honor to be a part of this island even for just a week.

clear water Cadlao Lagoon - I held my breath as we slowly entered Cadlao Lagoon. This place is really enchanting, the clear water where you can see the fishes, corals, rocks and seaweeds down there. The water is crystal clear and I ask the boatman: Is it simply seawater? Why it is so extremely clear? He just smile and say: Some fresh water from a spring in the island flows out to the lagoon to mix in the salty seawater. We did not get off from the boat but we are happy to simply stare the Cadlao Lagoons beauty while cruising around it.

Here are the tour prices per person while we was there:

Tour A - 600
Tour B - 700
Tour C - 900
Tour D - 600

This all includes boat transportation, lunch and life jackets. You need to rent snorkel and mask for 200 pesos.

You need also to pay 200 pesos for the park fee entry. Just keep the paper because you can use it for all the tour package.


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