Guided tours in El Nido, Palawan


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Especially in a spot like El Nido, it is the best decision to book a tour because exploring by your own might be nice but you will never be able to find all this special places.

Guided tours in El Nido

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Tour A
Around Miniloc Island

• The first stop is in Small Lagoon - in this lagoon we need to swim to the entrance entering the tunnel until we reached the other side. It is awesome inside, you can see the amazing green shallow water bay. There is a cave at the other end. And when we swim a bit on the deep waters of Small Lagoon we see a small swimming pool like area. The bottom of the small swimming pool area has white sand and there where some corals. Wow worth it!

• Second stop is Big Lagoon - no much fun here. If the boat arrive here with the high tide, the boat just went in the end and just turn around, go out and go in the next destination. But if it is low tide, I enjoy it most. The boat could not enter the lagoon so we had the chance to go down and walk through the hall created by limestone cliffs. But you need to take care not to step on sea urchins.

• The third stop is Simizu Island - where the boatman is preparing our lunch. You can go snorkeling also in this island because there is a lot of fish here but the boatman and crew let the visitors know: Do not feed the fish. According to them, the fishes clean the corals by feeding on them. So if the fish is already full from the visitors foods, how can they clean the corals?

After this guided tour we decided to book for the next day already the next tour:

Tour B
Snake Island

Snake Island This is more than a Snake Island Sandbar because this was the exciting part of our tour. The time we come here the large portion of the sandbar is up on the water and we can walk from the islet to the nearby mangrove forest by the main land. The Snake Island is really nice, the number of tourist wasn't an annoyance as everyone was doing their own thing. Just like me, they are walking in the sandbar, chilling at the water or climbing up the hill to see a nice view of the sea and sandbar.

Pinagbuyutan Island - I never expected that I can see a soft sands in this island. And there's even a nice portion of Bermuda grass grounds that I think it is ideal for picnics. We heard also that this used to be a private island, but now we found the signs of accommodations that it is now open to the public.

Cudugnon Cave - this beach is really perfect. But take note, we were here in this cave where we need to crawl into a small opening to see a couple of huge chambers with skylight. It is hard to crawl over the stones but it is worth it.

Cathedral Cave - my friends want to do the snorkeling but the time we arrive there, the jellyfish season begin. The whole island cave is like a giant dome and the cave is a huge open chamber. If not for the jellyfish it must be interesting to swim inside. Maybe If we come back again next time we can do it.

7 Commandos Beach - We just passed by in this island, not much to see here so the boatman decided that we make our last stop in Ipil Beach and wait for the sunset before we will be heading back to the resort. Wow, what a day but we really did enjoy the tour. Nice experience in a really nice place.


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