Trip for one week to El Nido, Palawan


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Having some spare days for a short vacation is always nice. My best friend and I decided: Let's have a short trip to El Nido. Sun and sand at a crystal clear water beach.

Vacation in El Nido

Heading to Palawan
ZestAir One day, my best friend and I decided to go for one week vacation to Palawan. Particularly in El Nido. We heard that the place is beautiful and not crowded. We call the Entalula Beach Resort that a friend suggest to us. I booked the room for 7 days and I ask how to go there from Puerto Princesa and ask also how much is the tricycle and bus fare. After all is settled we pack our things and start our trip. From Manila, Terminal 4 we fly via Zest Air. After around 1 hour and 15 min. we arrived at the Airport from Puerto Princesa. From the Airport, we need to ride a tricycle to go to the bus terminal to El Nido.

We know from several friends and the owner of the resort that the tricycle fare is 50 pesos only from the airport to the bus terminal but the first driver ask from us 150 pesos. I need to do the bargain. I talk to the driver that we know it is 50 pesos only from airport to bus terminal. He refused and was not interested to earn even the standard fare, so we walked a little bit away from the airport, as instructed. After one turn, we already find a tricycle driver who is willing to accept the regular fare. When we arrived in the bus terminal, it is already 7:00 p.m. in the evening. We could find only an ordinary bus for our ride. Ordinary means: No air-condition. The travel time is almost 7 hours. The road is rough so we are bouncing inside the bus. It is also raining at that time. We know, there is also a VAN service available but we don't wanted to exceed our budget. Even the longest 7 hours will end. And to have a vacation, you need to accept some stress before.

Entalula Beach Resort We arrived in El Nido the Bus Terminal at around 2:00 a.m., so early in the morning. And we still need to take a tricycle to Entalula Beach Resort. Lucky we made sure there is someone waiting for us to check us in. At around 2:30 we are already booked in our room, tired, exhausted, hungry and so sleepy. The good thing is the room is really nice. We also have a hot shower. The next thing I knew is when I wake up the next day. Because of the travel time, we missed to see the sunrise. We are occupying one of the cottage near the beach shore. We wake up and the breakfast is already waiting for us in the veranda. All I can say in that morning is: Wow! And the food is nice.

After eating breakfast, we strolled around in the sea shore. We keep on walking until we feel tired. Even if it is noontime but we did not feel the sun. We sit down in some shadowy place and enjoy the breeze from the sea. Along the sea shore there is a lot of restaurants, so we choose to have lunch. After the lunch, we walked back our way to our room. Still tired from the last day travel, I choose to sleep in the afternoon to gain my strength again.

Because for tomorrow we are booked in the Resort for Tour A group Island hopping.


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