In need to find a part time job while under contract in Hong Kong?


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Be extra careful when you was able to find an extra income. Maybe by doing a part time job. Many of your fellow Filipino are envious and will do bad to you. 

Part time job in Hong Kong

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Extra income?
This is a reminder to those who have big dreams for their family, and they have a chance to work abroad as OFW. Together with this dream, we need to sacrifices to be away from our love ones, parents, siblings, kids and husband if we are married. To live alone in the foreign country, we need to adopt our new surroundings and the new culture.

advertisings Hong Kong I am one of those with big dreams for my own daughters and I goes to Hong Kong in 2010. My salary that time is $3,400 HKD or equivalent to 18,700 pesos every month. It is so big compared if I stay here in the Philippines. Actually, I really cannot find that amount even if I work hard day and night. But my 3 girls is studying, 2 in college and one in high school. I am the only one who is earning for my family. My husband? He is a typical easy go lucky Filipino guy. He don't want to find job, (the job needs to find him). My salary is not enough for all the expenses way back home. So I need to think of some other way to earn some more money aside from my salary.

In Hong Kong, it is illegal to work outside of the address stated in your contract. The Hong Kong police will catch anyone who is doing part time job. But I really need to earn extra, and I have this courage to find part time job cause in my mind, I am not doing illegal (for me that time illegal is selling drugs). I keep on asking some of my friends if they know someone who want to hire a part time helper. I found one family but they want me to come once a month only to clean their house. I need to work 4 hours a day and they pay me 50 dollars per hour.

Every Sunday I have my day off so I still need to find work for my 3 Sundays. I find a part time job in the agency. I need to find Filipina who finish or break/terminated their contract and I have my commission from the agency for every person. But some good friends of mine remind me that I must be very careful because if the police know, I might go to jail. And I know by this time it is right, because I know that also our fellow Filipino will be the one who will call the police.

My friend's friend was arrested last November 5, 2015 in Chunking Mansions, one of the guest houses in Hong Kong when a police officer posed as guest that want to check in to the guest house. The police officer say that Noelita Quintos is at the reception desk. She is the one who write down the name and take the identification card of the police. She is also the one who received the $1,300 payment for 3 nights, then she showed the man to his room where some other cops showed up and arrested her.

Sometimes I really cannot understand what was happening. We work hard for a living, we do a decent job but some heartless fellows is unhappy to see others who is striving hard to fight poverty in a decent and honest way. Quintos is arrested for allegedly engaging in illegal work. The owner of the guest house in Chungking Mansion testified that Noelita is his friend and she stay there only to access free internet. But I know by myself, she is working to earn extra. My part time boss told me that if the police come into their house and find me there, we need to tell the police that I am their friend and I am only visiting them.

All I can advice if you really need to do the part time job, don't let your friends know that you have a part time. If it happen that someone know it, don't let them know where it is so you will be safe. Protect yourself, I once do the job and not only one time that there is our fellow Filipina who call the police. But since they don't know the exact address where I am working the police did not find me. I am sad because I work hard, I don't have time to visit the park in Hong Kong to save money for my girls education but there is a lot of people who is waiting there to ruin all my dreams. Same like Noelita Quintos, what will happen to her and her family back home if the judge will sentence her and she go in jail? And it is just because she want to earn extra for her living.

I know, some will say that she know already that it is illegal why should she need to continue working? If you are in need to earn money for your family, you will find ways. I admire her cause she do a decent job.

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