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Going abroad, doing a favor to someone who ask you to carry a gift you did not know the content  for someone you don't know?

Want you die for doing someone a favor?

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NEVER carry something for another person!
deadly gift If someone would ask you: "Can you do me a favor and die for me?" What will you answer that one? Keep this in mind always, when someone is asking you to carry even a little "gift" for a friend abroad. Never ever do like that!

Over 70 Filipinos are on death row in other countries for various crimes, most of them involving illegal drugs. According to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), there are 77 Filipinos on death row abroad, most of them in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia: 27 (26 for murder and one for drugs)
Malaysia: 24 (18 for drugs, four for murder, and two for murder with rape)
China: 19 (all for drugs)
USA: 2 (both for murder)
Vietnam: 2 (both for drugs)
Kuwait: 1 (for murder)
Indonesia: 1 (for drugs)
Thailand: 1 (for murder, rape, and theft)

Since 2010, seven Filipinos were executed, most of them in China.

In 2011, Sally Ordinario Villanueva, Ramon Credo, Elizabeth Batain were executed by lethal injection in China for drug smuggling. Ordinario Villanueva and Credo were executed in Xiamen, while Batain was executed in Shenzhen.

In the same year, a 35-year-old unnamed Filipino male was also executed in China, specifically in Liuzhou County, Guangzhou, also for drug trafficking.

In 2013, a 35-year-old Filipina who was convicted in China for carrying six kilos of heroin in January 2011 was executed.

The following year, Carlito Lana was executed in Saudi Arabia for killing his Saudi employer in 2010. He was beheaded.

Earlier this year, Joven Esteva, 39, convicted for killing his employer and injuring his employer's son in 2007, was executed in Saudi Arabia.

So to all who wish to go abroad for work. You dream for a brighter future for your family but please do remember: It is better to reach our dream by working hard. It is a good feeling that you reach your dream slowly but surely on your own sweat and blood. Don't be blinded with the offer of easy and big money to carry such things like drugs in other country. So many OFW's fall for the bait of drugs syndicate and they are the one who face the consequences. Focus on your goal of giving brighter future to your family by working legally. This time you are far away from home. YES, but this will only last for few years. Work hard, save money and think of what business (even a small one for a start) you can do if you have money to start living again in the Philippines together with your love ones. Be happy and contented of what you have. And everything will fall into places.

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