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This are the requirements and courses you have to solve before you can leave the country for your first contract.

Preparation to become an OFW

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1. Passport
If you are planning to work as an Oversea Filipino Worker, the very first thing you need to have is a Passport. It is easy to go in any employment agencies if you have a ready passport.

2. Agency
Oversea Filipino Worker Start to search for agencies and make sure that your chosen agency is the one who is accredited by the Philippines Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). You need to be aware that nowadays so many fake recruiters are active. All they want is your hard earned money.

Next, the agency will let you sign a bio data and a contract. They will also take a video from you. The agency will take your passport and they keep it. They will send that contract, video and your bio data in their tie-up agency in the country where you wish to work so they can find employer for you. The employer who come in that said agency will take a look in your video and bio data. If the employer will choose you, soon your agency here in Philippines will call you for the next step you need to do.

3. Training
As soon as the agency notify you that you are already hired, they will send you to a training center where you need to take up a 3 weeks course in NC ll. After 3 weeks you can have your training certificate. You also need to go in TESDA for your assessment test. (All of this, you really need to prepare, cost you a lot of money).

4. Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA)
The next step is you need to attend a language training and culture familiarization of the country you are going to work for three days in OWWA. (This is free).

5. Medical
You need to undergo also a medical examination. It includes mental and physical examination if you are FIT to WORK. And after all is clear and you are ready to fly, you still need to undergo a pregnancy test if you are a woman.

6.Pre- departure Orientation (PEDOS)
Three days before your flight will go you need to attend a pre-departure or PEDOS seminar. There, the trainer will teach you what to do once you arrive in the airport. Then same as what you need to do if you arrive in your destination. They also teach you how to act once you are in front of your employer. All of this you need to take notes because for me it is a very big help especially if you are first timer to go abroad.

In training, OWWA and PEDOS I learned a lot. They teach me to be strong mentally and emotionally. It makes me strengthen my hopes that I can survive thousands of miles away from home, alone and lonely.

my first contract experience...

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