One of the toughest jobs: To work as an OFW


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Working as an OFW is for sure one of the toughest jobs someone can do because you will stay for minimum 2 years per contract away from your family.

What does it mean to be an OFW?

To be an OFW?
Oversea Filipino WorkerLet me begin with the shortcut. It stands for "Oversea Filipino Worker" and it means a special type of person, who is working abroad. Actually there is a number about 12 Million OFW's registered. The normal way of life and to earn enough money to cover the daily expenses in the Philippines is not that easy. That is most of the time the reason for many women or men to try their luck by working in another country. Far away from their family, loved ones or growing kids. The step to go abroad is one of the most difficult decision someone can make for the sake of his family because you will stay far away from maybe your growing kids. A normal contract will last two years before you are having a chance to come back home to visit your family. If you will be a lucky one and was re-contracted, you have to go back abroad after 2 weeks... for another two years.

You will see your kids growing up only by pictures. Maybe you can contact your family once a week on your day off, if you are having a good employer. If you are not that lucky you can be happy if you will not become the topic of a headline in the daily press. But this is another story and will be told later.

How to become an OFW?
There are several requirements before you can start into another country. It is necessary to have a passport to leave the country. At least you need to be 23 years old before you can apply for one. You need to have a dream for your family to give them a brighter future, you need to have a very strong determination to be away from home and you're family. You need to be prepared emotionally and you need to be aware that working abroad even as a domestic helper only is a very tough job.

Just like me, when I started to plan working abroad. I need to gather all the courage and strength because all I want is to give my family, especially my kids, a bright future in the highest possible form of education. All I need to do is to focus on my dream, and even if it is hard to be away from them, I am holding the hope and courage in my heart that I can give them already the good life and after 2 years I will be back home and be together with them again. That was the dream but it needed 9 long years and a lot of luck till I could go back home, to my now grown up girls and my grandchildren.

How to start...

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