Do not hurry into a marriage for whatever reason!


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This is, what I wish for you. My advice for you to become happy in your life together.

Find the right age to marry!

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Keep this in mind!
You won't get any kind of advantage from the Government when you marry someone. But this Government will let you stuck helpless in your married life, even it is not your fault when it turn into worse. Whatever happens in your married life. The Government will NOT install a divorce in the Philippines. PERIOD! If you become a single parent and the father won't support his kid because he don't have a work. You will be the one who has to suffer. If you become pregnant from your Boyfriend and the parents force you to marry him: Tell them that it is no shame to be a single parent. You need someone who will take care you when you are old and can't work anymore. Married or not!

marriage To those who feel in love in the young age, don't just follow your heart. You need to think and consider also your future and your children. Study hard and make your love to inspire you to reach your parents dream for you to have a brighter future. And the time you are reaching your dream, and the man/woman you love is there for you. Giving you support for all what you want, that is also the best time to know more about his/her personality. Don't just jump into marrying the one you love. Make sure that you are both stable. Married life is different and it will change a lot from both of you. As the saying goes: "It is not like a hot potato that if you get burn, you can drop it easily". It is really hard to get away. If you are planning to get married, please think about it not only a hundred times. If you can do, think about it for a thousand times.

Love each other, prove this love to each other till you reach the age of 30 - 35. That's time enough to test each other, to find a stable job and a good base for a future together and to become able to support your kids to the best - for your own advantage when you get old... together.

Remember, we don't have divorce here in the Philippines. We have here the annulment. But did you know how much you need to spend? I know it cause I filed my annulment case. And it is very expensive. It is so easy and cheap to get married because there is already a free mass wedding sponsored by the local governments. But getting an annulment is very expensive. I want to have my freedom back even if it is so expensive. But it is still so hard to have it even if I have the money. So all I can tell you based on my own experience, try to think it first if you really want to marry the one you love. I will not advice you that don't get married. We have our own mind and we are the only one who will decide for our self. Just think before you tie the knot between you. If he/she is really the right person to you, go on and become happy together.

May God bless your marriage then!

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