How to reload a prepaid card in a pocket Wi-Fi without removing the card?


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How to reload a prepaid card in a pocket wifi without removing the card? Here comes the solution. I was asking myself the same question but my friend could help.

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Instruction manuals
Are you also one of these guys? If the gadget is working, why to keep or read the instruction manual? I like to keep nearly everything but reading an instruction manual is not meant to me. And so my problem with the pocket wifi starts after the first month was done. I had already the both new scratch cards for each 500 PHP in the house but I did not know: How to reload the prepaid card with the amount because I also did not know the number from my pocket wifi. So I start doing it the standard way: Open the gadget, remove the mini card, make it a micro card, put it in my cellphone, can not handle my cellphone because it is new so I took the card out again, open my tablet and are next to becoming crazy when my friend enter the room. What are you doing there? I tried to explain and after few seconds listening to me he opened my laptop and typed in the address bar this: and after pressing the [Enter] button he show me this address and saved it as a favorite 'Pocket wifi'.

home This is inside your pocket wifi and shows your account there. We can later make a journey inside your account but for now, all you need to know is, how to open your account because it is protected with a password. You won't believe me this? Choose the SMS point in the menu, please. I did it and a new window open. Log in: user name and password. I took a look at him but he said: Try 'admin' and 'admin' and then click [Log in]. I did and... it works. How the hell can you know that? He smiled at me and said: Reading an instruction manual can be really helpful... once in a while. By the way: Change the password in the 'Settings'.

log-in All you need to know about your account here is very easy to handle. There are few things you should keep in mind and check once in a while. One thing is: In the 'Statistics' you should set the day when you started the actually day of reloading. This way, the account will clear the history by itself. Expect this to happen by lunch time or clear the history by yourself in the morning. This way you can see an estimated transfer volume always. You can also set your monthly volume there.

SMS Once in the SMS section it is easy to manage the reloading process because it is nothing different from using a smartphone or a tablet. If you want to know the number from your pocket wifi and did throw already the regular SIM-card cover: Send a SMS to your phone and you can read the number as recipient. For further information: Read the instruction manual or ask your friend Google!

Very important!
In the SMS section you will often receive messages from different recipients by using a 'normal' CP number. In the message someone want you to send a message to another number for whatever reason. Whatever... it is automatically spam. Delete such and done. Only messages from Globe are interesting to you. And a Globe message has only a 4 digit number as sender! 

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