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Let's be honest. Often it is like this when we want to book a hotel room. Checking the pictures, the price and our budget and when it fit: book it.

What does the room type means?

If ever you want to visit the Philippines. Most of the time you need to book a hotel room. Not every one is booking often a hotel room and can remember the definition of a room type. Aside from setups like TV or WiFi you should know something about the expected size and location in the hotel. Let's talk here about it. What can you expect when you are booking a:

Superior room?
Superior sounds super, but it is definitely the cheapest and lowest class of room type in a hotel. A window is not a must, you can expect to hear every guest passing your room because the elevator is directly near to your room. Mostly a Superior room is in often frequented areas to find. Super location are: Begin of the hall in the lower floors. Cheap and noisy. The size might be only by 12 - 16 square meters and giving you a hard time to store 2 big trolleys'. Don't expect additional furniture aside from bed and cabinet.

Deluxe room?
This is the next class of room type. Sometimes already with (even a small) window. The room might be a little bit bigger and has maybe already a little table with a chair to offer. Often located more to the end of the hall for a longer walk from the elevator. If you want to stay cheap but not without any little comfort: This can be your choice.

Junior suite?
Junior suite This is already something better. A window is expected. The room size should be big enough for a sofa with a table. Maybe a dresser with chair and for sure a refrigerator. The position in the hotel is expected at the end of the hall and already in the higher floors, where less guests are passing. The elevator will not be far away but not disturbing. In some hotels they have a divider to cover the bed a bit from the area where you can sit and watch TV.

just a Junior suite Booking a Suite means: booking two separate rooms with a door between. Of course with nice windows. This way you don't need to hide your wife in the cabinet when the room service is unexpectedly coming early to serve something. A Suite is always located in a seldom frequented area in the hotel. The elevator will be near your suite but also not disturbing because of less guest traffic. - Sometimes you can find a 'Junior suite' as Suite. You should not accept this for the higher price.

Family room?
A 'Family room' is what the name says: A bigger room just with an extra bed for standard three person already. A window can be expected but the location in the hotel will be also on places, where more guest are passing and in the lower floors.

You will seldom find a Studio in a normal hotel in the Philippines. The definition is like maybe a Junior suite but with an additional little kitchen. A Studio is more expected in so called Apartment Hotels.

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