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Booking a hotel room is easy. But when they provide a Queen size bed inside the room, do you know the difference between a Queen size or King size bed?

Bed types in Hotels

General information
There are some things already common in this world. One of this is: Nearly every international Hotel in the world is using the following names for beds they are providing in their rooms. I don't know where it comes from, but one name might giving a hint: California King size bed.

Basic is the inch. For traveler from Europe: One inch is equal 25,4 mm.

In the international oriented Hotel business are the following types of bed common: California King size bed, King size bed, Queen size bed, Double bed and twin bed.

California King size bed
The California King size bed is 75 x 78 inch. This is equal to 190cm x 198cm. For many traveler from Europe this might be the perfect size because they are often used to a size by 200cm x 200cm.

King size bed
King size bed The King size bed is expected to be a square one with a measurement by 75 x 75 inch. This is 190cm x 190cm and not really a common size in Germany. The preferred length in Germany is 200cm. 190cm is only used when there is not enough space for a 'normal' length in the room. In this picture you can see a special 'Hotel bed' without a frame. Just like a Futon and the mattress on top of it. More easy to handle for the staff.

Queen size bed
The Queen size bed is  60 x 75 inch and this way equal to 152cm x 190cm. For Germany not a common size but there is a size used near to this with 160cm wide. The length 190cm is not really common in my country.

Double bed
The Double bed is expected to be 55 x 75 inch. The European size would be 140cm x 190cm. 140cm wide is often used in Germany for guys who are really in love or singles with a 'visitor' sometimes.  

Twin bed
Often also the standard single bed. The size can not be named exactly cause it depends on the country. Expect a dimension between 39 - 42 inch wide and 75 inch in length for sure. This would be compared to German size by 90 - 100 cm x 190cm. If you are happy, the length can be 78 inch like in Thailand often.

For the Philippines you should expect the above mentioned measurements because this are also common sizes in North America.

written by Frank

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