The dream of running a Guesthouse at the 'Butt of the world'


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Because of special circumstances we are using a relative as owner of a new bought lot with a size by 3,500 square meters. Now it's time to start dreaming, how to make use of it.

What to do for a living at the 'End of the world'?

The lot is located in Lawaan, New Washington and estimated 15 km away from the center of Kalibo. We love to call the location the 'Butt of the world' and honestly: the actually only partly cemented road to this place really ends there.

Row house for guests How about running a guesthouse with additional motorcycle renting? Do you know? In the Philippines you can ride every cemented road, rough way or rocky path and of course straight into nowhere without any way because no one cares about. If your 'Rusi' All-terrain-motorcycle can take the way, you are allow to ride it. Compared to Europe a real paradise for guys who love to ride with an Off-road-motorcycle. That was the idea to think about running a Guesthouse for real men who don't care about to stay a bit away from the next cinema or restaurant.

Rusi off-road KR When you check the Rusi website. Don't worry about what you can see there. The webmaster might be a student and only part-time available. In 2014 Rusi offered already an Off-road-motorcycle with 175cc. In 2016 Rusi already sell one with 200cc. So... let's wait and see what will be available when we can start the Guesthouse. I want to have my own because it's a kind of 'must have' as foreigner.

inside-front Let's continue the dream about the Guesthouse. I want to build it like a row house. The first unit need 4 walls. Every following extension only 3 more. The size inside might be by 13 square meters. Including an own bathroom with a toilet. Warm and cold water and a silent working split A/C for a good sleep. A simple double-bed, 2 night tables left and right side with a little lamp. One cabinet and a table with 2 chairs. A flat TV at the wall, 2 windows and that's it. Maybe we can provide a Wi-Fi router for Internet access. A Kubo for the guests where they can grill, one common kitchen where they can cook and if you want to grill a whole piglet from our own piggery... you are welcome.

There was a first idea to have room with A/C and room with only fan. But we erased this idea cause we already need to invest money for a good working generator cause the provided electricity power is just enough for a single household.

How does it sound to you?

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