Filipino - American bonds. A never ending story since 1898


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A relationship on different levels

How it began and what it become

From 1896 - now
The Philippines tried to become independent from the Spanish and declared a First Philippine Republic but lost against the Spanish. In 1898 the Americans fought against the Spanish, won and bought The Philippines, Guam, Cuba and Puerto Rico from the Spanish for only $20,000,000.00 in the Treaty of Paris on Dec. 10, 1988. But the Filipinos didn't like to be again colonized by someone and so the Filipino declared war on June 2, 1899 against the United States but failed and so the story of the Filipino-American bonds began. Let's accept the past and face today.

Filipino-American bonds describes a special Relationship if we talk about the Philippines and America. Our relation with American's are strong and extremely close. It is known that America is the Philippines closest ally in the world and Philippines is being one of America's oldest Asian partners and a close strategic major non-NATO ally. America is the consistent Filipino's favorite nation in the world.

Mt. ArayatOn September 16, 1991, after the Mt. Pinatubo eruption and the Clark Airbase was already evacuated since June, the Philippine Senate rejected all bases. And despite further efforts to salvage the situation the two sides cannot reach an agreement. So on December 6, 1991 the Philippine Government informed the America that they have one year to complete withdrawal. That withdrawal is ahead of schedule with the last American forces departing on November 24, 1992. Upon the American departure, they turned over their assets to the Philippine Government worth of $1.3 billion including the airport and ship repair facility.

Even if the American withdraw their base already, we are still closed to American's, and until now they are still helping us. Like the annual ikatan (shoulder to shoulder) bilateral military exercises that they contributed directly here in the Philippine armed forces. They want to help us to root out Abu Sayyaf and the Jemaah Islamiyah terrorist and help us to bring development to formerly terrorist plagued areas, especially in Basilan and Jolo. American's is cooperating in our Philippine agencies to bring charges against terrorist, to implement the countries extradition treaty and to train our thousands law enforcement officers.

The Americans also are working closely to the Philippines to reduce poverty and increase prosperity. They help our government's effort to root out corruption, to open economic opportunity and invest in health and education. They are supporting us Filipinos our war against poverty, including anti-money laundering, rule of law, trade and investment and tax collection. That is why we have these close and strong relationship with Americans until now.

Aside from all the positive things we can bring up to the Americans, we have to keep in mind one fact: The location 'The Philippines' will be always an important part of their strategic interests in Asia. As long as we need to ask for help, we need to offer always something in return. Whatever it is.

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