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Among the many characteristics that describe us, the value of faith is the most important

Filipino faith as a Catholic

Faith in God
Among the many characteristics that describe us, Filipinos, the value of faith is the most important. For many years, the Philippines has been the only Christian nation in the whole Asia. Today, more than four centuries after Ferdinand Magellan brought us the Catholic faith, we Filipinos continue to cherish and value our faith in God. Together with us are our fellow Filipinos of other religions; they too value our faith.

Praying to God is a behavior that is very much a part of our day to day experiences. Our parents often remind us to say our prayers upon waking up and before going to bed. Upon waking up, we thanks God for this is a brand new day again. And ask Him to guide us for our daily task. Before going to bed, we say thank you for this day we did not encounter any problem. Our teachers not only teach us how to pray; they join whenever we pray. And whenever we pray, we feel deep inside us a special kind of inner joy and peace. We are happy to pray to God and thank him for all the blessings that we recieve from day to day. We also feel happy when we pray to God and to bring Him our many worries and trials in life, and ask him to give us courage and strenght to carry on. Whenever we pray, we are actually relating with God. We are communicating with him. For me, it is the best way to release all my burden in life, what I feel deep inside of my heart, my mind that I cannot tell to someone even if she/he is very close to me. Through our prayers, we get a chance to tell all to Him. He is listening to every words we say, and to my own experienced HE answers my prayers. It is this relationship with God that we treasure, and that give us that inner joy and peace.

We can conclude that our desires and efforts to pray everyday come from a value present deep in our hearts. This is the value of faith. Praying is the best solution to thank God for giving us courage and strenght in our everyday life. But still, we need to do the things in our life. We are the one who need to work hard for our family. We are the one who know what is best for us. It means we are the one who need to provide for our family, on our daily living.We need to work to earn money to send our kids in school for them to have a brighter future. We do all the best what we can do in our life, and God will do the rest.

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