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Page topic: Introducing a Filipino artist from Baguio City, which is located in the North of Luzon.

The accidental Artist

Rae I'm a jack-of-all-trade person. You know what they say, jack of all trades, masters of none. It's impossible for a person like me to just have one hobby and keeping it for a long time. It's like having the same flavor of ice cream, there will come a time you get tired of it. I've tried cross stitching, smocking, dress making but I think the needles don't really love me that much. Then I jumped to culinary arts. I loved baking and cooking. It came very naturally to me, I guess the training in my house kitchen helped me significantly. After a while I stopped. Then I started doing bartending, very neat hobby indeed. The "cool" factor among your peers sure comes to play in this one. But doing the drinks vs. being served, I take the being served after some time. I lost track of what other hobbies I did. Then by accident I became an artist, here's the story how.

Someone left a sketch book in my apartment and I can't give it back because he lives in another country. When I told him about it he said I'll keep it and should give it a try, who knows right? , nothing to lose and everything to gain. I tried it, and started scribbling with pencils and I have no idea what I will go to do. The first thing that came to my mind is the sunset beach. I can never draw to save my life. So when I finish drawing the sunset beach I felt overwhelmed, borderline teary to be honest. I'm proud of myself. I remember having dreams of being a painter when I was a kid, but I never paid attention to it. At that point it hit me. So I kept scribbling and self taught how to do my shadings and how to draw everything. After a while I gained a different perspective on my surroundings. I don't see the trees the same way anymore. Before I was drawing I see it's just a tree, then after, I see the shape, the shades and different angles of how making it 3D in a paper. Until something happened.

I went to one of the nearest park from my apartment to try drawing in public and test myself if I can do it. While I was doing my own thing, someone approached me and asked if I am an artist, and I said I'm just trying out if I can do it. Little do I know there's an art gallery in that park and he is a member of that art gallery. I went to see their artworks and after a few times of them convince me to join I finally did. My competitive nature was rekindled. I pushed myself to improve fast and after 4 months I started to paint. My first painting is one of my favorite works and until now it's still one of my best works. I don't have it though, I gave that to my best friend. And of course like my very first drawing its also involving the beach. After few more months I can see the improvement in my art works and the art gallery opened up opportunities for me to know the art community and also I have been part of the few art exhibits. I think I found my hobby because its a constant improvement. The best part of doing art is , it's never wrong. There's no right or wrong in art. It's a self expression, who has the right to say you are expressing yourself the wrong way.

Now, after a year I am still doing art and continue to develop my skills. I'm doing charcoal, oil and acrylic paintings. Some of my works are displayed in the art gallery. I think there is one thing we are born to do and we really do enjoy. I found mine. And if you are interested to see them: Visit my online gallery

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