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What do you know about Filipina/Pinay? A Filipina beauty is something that has been known as exotic and can remain as beautiful as it has been since the first time you laid eyes on her

The Filipina - pure natural beauty

A skin that is not too fair or too dark: the perfect complexion that would compliment her sweet, bright smile. A face that will make you take another look far longer than the last time. A Filipina beauty is something that has been known as exotic. Hers is a dazzling beauty, even without the make-up or the fancy clothes. There is nothing more worth staring at for a lifetime than a beauty that was enhanced by the glow brought by a beautiful soul and matched by great features. Notwithstanding that warm smile that would brighten your day and the dark brown eyes that conveys love and understanding.

A Filipina beauty can remain as beautiful as it has been since the first time you laid eyes on her even after conceiving. Motherhood always makes a Filipina more beautiful. The warm smile that crosses her face when she looks at her children is incomparable. Her devotion to her family is priceless.

A Filipina is a caring individual who will cook you meals or learn to do the task for you. Even if it means spending hours of taking lessons from experts or the old woman next door who knows the best recipe. She can be a homebody if needed. For her, motherhood and being a wife is a great career.

A Filipina woman since time being has been known for her good traits. She is more than ten reasons to have. Intelligence, beauty, great humor, independence, determination, understanding, caring, loving, open-mindedness and a big heart sums up her great traits. To sum it up, a Filipina does not only make you a better man, she makes you feel good about yourself.

When we talked about an Asian lady from the Philippines, you always hear her best qualities. Aside from being romantic, loving and caring, the top three best qualities of a Filipina are being trustworthy, loyal and family-oriented. Women in general love romance. They are modern woman but not liberated. Filipina are not like woman from Western countries who sought equality and pursue their own dreams. And because of this you can seldom see them in your own home and this result to some relationship to grow apart and cold.

Filipina woman are basically dependable. Most of them are responsible that they can manage their marriage, their family, and their career.

Filipina are loyal. Most of them stick to their marriage even if their husband is not worth of loyalty. Some of Filipina are being abused, not happy in their marriage but Filipina woman stay and tried to work on their marriage.

Women from Philippines are family oriented. The mother is very good in molding their character, passing on the Filipino values to their daughter. They are taught how to be a good wife. They serve their husband and serve well her family.

A Filipina is someone who will share laughter and tears with you for a lifetime.

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