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Not only for guys who can not afford to go and see the doctor when they feel sick. The Faith healer will always be part of the strong beliefs in the Philippines.

The tradition of Faith healer

My own experience
MountainsIn the Philippines, we are still believing in the power of faith healer. Especially those who are living in countryside and in the mountains. People who cannot afford to go to the doctor and can not afford to buy medicine from the drugstore go and seek help from the faith healer. People believes also that the doctor and the medicine from the drug store can not heal sickness that the 'unseen creature' of this world is the one who give it to them. The old folks still believes that there is still a white lady living in the tree's here and the white and black dwarf's. And one of them can give sickness to human and only faith healer can heal the sick person.

In this area where I am living, my neighbor owned a big tamarind tree. And my house is so close in this tree by two meters only. They believe that a white and black dwarfs is living in this tree. The owner itself telling us that at night time before midnight, she can hear that someone is playing in her playground. she can hear a noise that as if there is someone running back and fort. But if she take a look, she see nothing at all. My neighbor's four years old son come in my house and play with my small girls. He ask us who is that kid sitting at the corner of the house. When we take a look at the place where the boy is looking, we did not see anyone or anything in the corner. But he is insisting that the small kid is still there sitting and looking at us. I feel a goose bump in my whole body at that very moment because I really cannot see someone in the corner.

The next day my neighbors son have fever. The mother give him medicine for fever but the fever goes high and did not stop for three days. I am worried when I learn about it and advice the Mum to bring the boy to see the doctor. When they come home, she have medicine for fever only because the doctor ask her for a laboratory check up and no sign of other illness. The boy's high fever last for one week and the mother decided to go to a faith healer. When they come home the boy is still weak but I can see that he feels more better. So I ask the mother what happen and what is the finding of the faith healer.

She told me that the faith healer just hold her son's hand in the pulse and told her that the small unseen dwarf is making fun with her son. Then the faith healer just lit some charcoal, add things with a nice smell, whisper a prayer and let the smoke pass on the boy. The faith healer did not do anything aside from whispering prayers and he lit a little fire and burn some herbs and let the smoke pass thru the boy and use a little oil to make a sign of a cross in the boys forehead and done. In this world, there is still something happening that even the doctors can not explain. But for those who really believe in faith healer, we cannot blame them, as I really witness the miracle that the boy's fever suddenly subside after in the hands of that faith healer.

And for me, there is really no harm in trying to seek the help of faith healer as long as they can heal those who are sick, and they are not asking for money. They are accepting payment but it is like a donation only compare to the money we pay for the doctor and the amount we pay for the prescribe medicine. The beliefs from our olds here, some people still living on it and some people forget about it. we are not force to believe in this beliefs. Just like me, I already experience to live in other countries and I seen so many faces of life. But when I come home here in the Philippines again, I still believe in faith healer. Before I go to see a doctor I go first to a faith healer. There is no harm in doing such things.

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