What if... you are in need to visit a dentist in the Philippines?


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Page topic: For sure, you know what you can expect in your home country when you need to visit a dentist. But in the Philippines?

Experiences at the Dentist

Where to go?
Smile Asia In 2014 a friend from Europe was visiting us here in the Philippines. His flight was scheduled for a Saturday but on Friday evening he lost one of his tooth crowns. Really a bad situation cause at this time, there will be only an emergency service in his city available for help. He was not so much in a hurry to fix it immediately cause the tooth and the tooth crown was both still OK that's why he decided to visit a dental service here in the Philippines. A nice chance to gather some information for you. We fetched him up at the airport and guided him to his hotel at Pasay Rotonda. That's nice because this is located very near to the Mall of Asia so we decided to visit the Mall on the next day and watch out for a Dental Service there.

On the other day we met together and started our trip to the Mall of Asia with a Jeepney. It's the cheapest way to go there, especially when you don't have to carry something. Expect the price to be 7 - 8 PHP per person. You can read the actually fare on a plate next to the driver. The price is set by the Government. The driver is only allow to ask for a higher amount if you occupy two seats or want to carry some items with you.  

The entrance After arriving at the Mall we took a look at the directory and could find at the Main Mall, on Level Two the "Smile Asia Dental & Diagnostic Center". Sounds exactly like what we was looking for and it was easy to find at the end of the first building. The entrance was looking friendly with a little Christmas decoration already. Because we had no experience with this Dental Center we ask at first to visit one of the dentist's room. It was really surprising modern. Everything was looking clean and in general... it looks like European standard.

Removing the old cement from the tooth crown would take some time so he was asking for a dental cleaning with removal of tartar. They are also using ultrasound for that and it felt nothing better then in Europe, but clean at least.

The dentist Replacing the tooth crown was no big deal after all and they charged him 3.000 PHP for the whole service. The crown is still at it's place (after one year) and the price was acceptable. Nothing to complain! Thanks for the good job to Dr. Lorna Liza Barrientos and team.

SmileAsia Dental & Diagnostic Center, 2184 (Main Mall)
(right building since 2016)
SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City 1300
Metro Manila, Philippines
Te: 02.556.0410 Cell: 0927.526.9698

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