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Read this self experienced example for corruption in the Philippines.

All you need is enough money

Buying a 1,000 l IBC tank with a L300 FB
The L300 FB (Family business) is a car for mixed usage. It offer in the back 2 benches, having each space for 5 Asian to sit. You can lift the benches up to have more space to store load inside. In the front cabin are 3 seats available.

One day, next to end of the month, the owner of the L300 (Marie) my friend and me was planning to make a trip to Bataan. There is a small shop selling IBC container. The white one, good for 1,000 l. My friend wanted to improve the water situation at their house. So we decided early in the morning to move slowly to Olongapo and then heading to Bataan.

After more then one hour we arrived Bataan, found the shop and a nice IBC tank on a aluminum pallet and in a aluminum cage for 4,800 PHP. Exactly what my friend was looking for. He decided to buy it and now one problem comes up: This type of L300 has only one door at the backside and the door is not wide enough to store the tank inside his cage in the car. It was possible to push the single plastic tank inside the car but we wanted to have the cage too. Marie decided: We will carry it on the top of the L300! Are you sure about that? What if the police see us this way? I really had doubts but she insist: We do it this way! OK Mam/Sir. Your wish is our command.

The cage on top of the L300 After nearly one hour we left the shop with the IBC inside and the cage on top of the L300. My friend (a white guy) was driving, Marie (a pure Filipina) was sitting on the seat in the middle and I was sitting on the right side. We passed several police cars and one police man on a motorcycle. But nothing happens. Wow... it looks really , like Marie is right and the Philippines are different when it comes to safety on the roads. But then, end of Subic, we reached a LTO Checkpoint. LTO is the shortcut for the 'Land Transport Office' and their officers are rightly feared by the public. Especially at the end of the month and by owners of little and old trucks and cars.

We was forced to stop and one Officer came to the drivers side, ask for the documents and went to the next officer. For sure someone with a higher position because this guy came to my friend and start immediately to let him know, that there was found several violations: Overload on the top because not using a roof rack, the load was not properly fixed there, Marie on the seat in the middle did not use a seatbelt (even there is no one provided by origin), missing the 'Not for hire' declaration because Marie let him know the car is a private one, missing declaration of technical details like max. load and more. For the driver because he was driving this car with so many violations. This was the time, when Marie decided to leave the car and talk to the officer on the right side of the car. Maybe 2 min. later, she ask 500 PHP from my friend (it is her Bf) and only one minute later, she entered her place in the middle again and let her Bf start the car. We left the Checkpoint after nearly 3 min. without any changings on the car but missing 1,000 PHP (of course without a recipe) in the wallet. She had only 500 PHP in her pocket when she left the car but the officer did not accept this 'too little amount for all the violations'. That's why she come to ask for another 500 PHP.

For my friend and me it is a typical case of corruption. The LTO Officers are known to come out end of the month to 'grab their pocket money' from the public. There is always a violation to find. Especially on old cars. And even it might be only a broken light. - Thanks guys, you are really the pride of the Philippines! (Ironic mode off)

written by Frank

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