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If you are interested to know something about the Philippines: Here is the chance to know how we Filipino celebrate Christmas in the Philippines. It's on of the longest celebration.

Christmas in the Philippines

Have you ever heard how we Filipino celebrate Christmas?
Well, it is one of the best and the longest celebration of Christmas. It's in our tradition wherein we celebrate Christmas starting December 16, wherein we start what we called the "Simbang Gabi" it is a series of 9 masses start at 4am. And it usually start December 16 to December 24. And once Simbang Gabi starts you can see group of kids or even adult singing in front of houses singing Christmas and owner of the house can give them money or candy or anything in return. And in school, they also have an exchange gift wherein the student and their teachers exchanging gift for it is in our belief that Christmas is time of giving. Followed by Christmas party and program wherein they have some games, foods etc.

And early as September you can hear Christmas song played in some houses already and as early as November you can see Christmas lanterns hanging in front of the houses, offices or malls already together with some Christmas tree. Christmas or what we called "Pasko" is the much awaited and happiest celebration in the Philippines. Wherein we believe that it is the time of giving, a good time for family to have get together and give gift with one another. On the midnight of December 24, after the mass wherein almost all the members of the family attend, the whole family gathered together ready with their gifts and the "Noche Buena" wherein nice and delicious foods can be seen on the table. It is our tradition of serving foods for the family like lechon, spaghetti, ham, keso de bola, morcon, some rice cakes, leche plan, sliced bread and a lot more. It is really a good chance to be with family members.

Then on December 25, all the kids are excited to wake up early. Wear their new clothes, new shoes and bring their big wallet or small bag. Attend the morning mass and after the mass it is already time to visit their Ninong (Godfather), ninang (Godmother), Grandfather, Grandmother, Auntie and Uncle and some relatives wherein they will "Mano" or what we called "pagmamano" our way or one way of giving respect to our elders. The child will going to get the one hand of the elder and put it in his forehead saying "mano po". And in return for it, they will going to give gift, money, toys or some candy or chocolates. And every house you visit on this day will offer foods.

Christmas is really a good chance to be reunite with distant family members and friends. At the end of the day, Filipino Christmas is about family closeness and everyone wishes good cheer and glad tidings.

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