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Use the converter to check prices in the Philippines compared to your local currency by the actually rate. Reminder: You will find the best rate when exchanging cash in the Philippines.

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Prices are for selected goods in 2016

Product - per -  PHP  
Eggs   5pc   24.00 
Carrots   1kg   60.00 
Potato   1kg   80.00 
Cabbage   1kg   50.00 
Onion   1kg   60.00 
Cauliflower   1pc   40.00 
Broccoli   1kg   80.00 
Tomato   1kg   20.00 

"Fuji" Apple (small)   1pc   10.00 
"Ponkan" Orange   6pc   60.00 
Banana   1kg   70.00 
Seedless grapes   1kg  300.00 
Mango   1kg   80.00 

Chicken   1kg  140.00 
Pork meat   1kg  185.00 
Pork tenderloin   1kg  299.00 
Fish   1kg  120.00 

Sardines (can 155g)   1pc   13.50 
Argentina corned beef (can 175g)   1pc   32.25 
Beef, Chicken, Pork cubes 120g pack   1pc   55.00 
Bay leaf 10g sachet   1pc    9.00 
Instant coffee 200g   1pc  139.50 
White sugar   1kg   56.50 
Brown sugar   1kg   53.00 
Jasmine rice 5kg   1pc  415.00 

Beer (can)  330ml   1pc   32.00 
Beer (bottle)  500ml   1pc   40.00 
Coca Cola 1500ml   1pc   55.00 
Emperador (Brandy) 1000ml   1pc  105.00 
C2 apple drink 1500ml   1pc   38.50 

Kikkoman soy sauce  600ml   1pc  175.50 
Surf fabric conditioner  800ml   1pc  114.75 
Nestle coffee creamer   450g   1pc   78.75 
Butter cookies  0,8kg   1pc  229.50 
Rubbing alcohol  500ml   1pc   54.75 
Emborg Full milk 1000ml   1pc   79.50 
Emborg Salted butter   200g   1pc   99.00 
German sausage 1 pack   1pc  170.00 
Shampoo sachet 13.5ml  12pc   59.00 
Bath soap  100g   1pc   45.00 
Body lotion 250ml   1pc  219.00 
Dove deodorant  40ml   1pc   89.50 

Flag down yellow taxi   1pc   60.00 
Flag down ordinary taxi   1pc   30.00 

Marlboro cigarettes (20pc)   1pc   78.00 
 'Fortune' local cigarettes (20pc)   1pc   40.00 

Rusi Automatic Scooter 125ml     38,000.00 
Honda Automatic Scooter 125ml     82,000.00 

The Scooter prices was like that in Central Zambales in 2013.

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