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Sometimes it's really a pity when you can compare the attitude to work in the Philippines to other countries. Why it is like that?.


About health
Medicine Being a housewife and a mother of three, it is my duty to make sure that my family is always healthy. When my three girls was still small, I make sure to take them in health center in my place for the vaccination. I always have a ready medicine for us in the house. Especially when my children was small they are prone to sickness like fever and flu. It same for me and my husband. We are far from the city so I need to have all those medicine in the cabinet. I call them 'in case of emergency' medicine. It is hard for a simple family like mine to get sick. We cannot afford to go in hospital. Thinking about it will automatically fill my mind of the doctor's fee, and the medicines. So if we can avoid to get sick we will do.

And as far as I can remember, they grow up that we did not visit in hospital. Now this days, the more we need to be extra careful of our health. maybe we can start in the foods that we take. We need t o think of the healthy food we need to serve to our family especially for the children. If you can avoid, please don't give them the 'chichiria' or this so called junk foods. What is this? It is the food we are buying to them like cheese curls, sweets or we commonly known as candies. Instead, if you can afford, give your kids some fruits. Apples, oranges, mangoes is to name a few from the so many fruits that we can buy in the market or maybe you can harvest from your own plant.

ambulance car One time I am on my vacation here in the Philippines. I go with my daughter in hospital for her pre-natal check-up. We need to go there early in the morning before the OPD (Out Patient Department) will open to take the number just to register. So many out patients coming everyday for the check up. So we need to come as early as we can to have the first number. If not we need to wait for long line because the hospital staff, believe it or not, they are chatting with each other while they are on duty already. I experienced to live in other country, I go in Hospital with my ward when I am still working as a nanny. I go in some other government agencies also in other country and what I can see and experience there is really so different from my own country Philippines.

In other country, if it is time of their duty in hospital, you cannot see them talking to each other. So even if there are so many patient in front of you you will not stay there for the whole day before your number will be called. They are organized. And you can see that they are really helping the patient. Here in my own country, I experienced to wait for 3-4 hours before they call my number. And in this first step in OPD you need to tell them that you like to have your check up for your doctor. If you still don't have a doctor you tell them what you feel and they will assign you to the available doctor.

Next step is: waiting for the doctor on what time he/she will arrive and wait for your turn to be called. after that, you need to go to the cashier and pay your bill. And you are right, you need to queue again to pay your bill. That is how it goes here. In any government agency that I visit here, I am sorry for myself that I need to compare the way they do it in other country. Here, as I always see, employee is talking to each other even if it is working hour. You need to wait for them until they are done before they can serve you. I am not saying that all is the same. In fairness, there is a lot of good employee also. All I can say is continue your good work guys.

Health Center Same in hospital, few weeks before I read the news that one of the respectable hospital here in Manila is in the news because the OB-GYNE did not accept the mother who is due to give birth her child. The doctor send them to the other hospital, the reason the husband say is they don't have 20,000 pesos cash deposit. Sad to say the baby dies in the mothers womb. The question is, why they cannot admit the patient and help them because of lack of money? How about the lives of the mother and the baby? For me, life is so precious. We can find money, but we cannot buy back the life of the baby even if we have money. Doctor's for my understanding is here to help to save life.

I talk to my sister today when I learned that her son is admitted in Provincial Hospital in Aklan. I ask what happened. She say her son have fever for 2 days. He is staying in his in-laws house and when my sister arrive there last Saturday February 27, he cannot stand up and walk. They bring him in the hospital and he is admitted there. the cause is UTI (Urinary Track Infection). Yesterday The doctor give them the clearance to go out so they need to process the payment. He still have his laboratory at 9:00 in the morning. They need to examine his blood and they told my sister that the result will come maybe around 1-2 hours. The IV is still on his hand because they need to inject him his last medicine. And they did not take out the IV. They close it only.

After 2 hours my sister go there to take the result but they say not yet come out. At 12 noon and 2:00 P.M she go back there again to ask for the result but they say still not yet out. That is the only thing they are waiting so they can go to the cashier to pay and be discharge. At 3:00 P.M, my sister again go there and ask if the result comes out already. The newly come nurse on duty ask my sister what time the blood is taken, she say 9 in the morning. The nurse say that maybe it is there already then she check. the blood testing result is there already and the nurse told my sister it is there at 12:00 noon. My sister is so angry knowing that. She even told them that her son's hand is swollen already because they did not take out the IV.

This is one of the reason I really don't want to go in the hospital. Instead that they help you to ease some burden, but sometimes they are the one who is 'adding salt to injury'. My point is, if they work properly they can see the result earlier. And my sister and his son can go home early and can rest. I hope, some of the staff especially in hospitals, please do help your patient. If you do good to your fellow, the good things also come back to you by ten folds. But if you do the bad thing that can harm other people, karma is only waiting to give it back to you. And another reminder, karma is computerized already (smile). It will happen as fast as you blink your eyes. So do only the good things to your fellow.


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