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NAIA is the shortcut for Nino Aquino International Airport. Nino Aquino was assassinated at the airport in 1983 when returning from exile.

NAIA Nino Aquino International Airport

Terminal 1 - International
NAIA Arriving passengers from other countries will normally enter the Philippines here. Exemption would be, when your last carrier into the Philippines is PAL (Philippines Airline), Cebu Airline or maybe Air Asia. This can be happen when you come from or via another Asian destination like (for example) Singapore, China or Malaysia. Expect your international flight will departure from here too.

If it is your first time visit in the Philippines, arriving late here (10:00 p.m. or later) and don't have Philippine pesos (PHP) in your wallet and no friend who will pick you up at the 'Meet and greet' area, make sure, you have some small Dollar bills in your pocket for the taxi. The both Money Changer will be closed, possible ATM might be empty and the Taxi driver will only accept $. But be careful and don't let them take already a first time advantage of you: The price to a destination like EDSA/Rotonda or near MoA (Mall of Asia) to a hotel has to cost only $10. Not like often asked for $20. If you booked a flight, arriving late and have a hotel already: Check the rate for their 'Airport shuttle service'. It is mostly worth the price.

When you are arriving at a normal daytime and need to use a taxi to your hotel: Decide to pick a 'Yellow taxi'. You will find them after leaving the Terminal on the left side of the exit. They are using the taxi meter and every ride is registered.

Tips for arriving passengers: If you have a connecting flight to another domestic destination like Cebu or Bohol keep always in mind the weight of your luggage. It is a several check-in process at another terminal and the domestic flight carrier are charging for every kg above their 15kg free limit.

free shuttle service There is a free ride available to every other Terminal from Terminal 1 for a connecting flight. Leave the Terminal to the right side and look out for this sign.

Terminal 2 - PAL Terminal
This terminal is exclusive for Philippine Airlines, the eldest and still active operating airline in Asia. Domestic or international flights with PAL will be served from this terminal. The terminal has the shape of a wing and is located at an exclusive point of the whole airport: In the corner where both runways are crossing.

Terminal 3 - Cebu Pacific Terminal
Terminal 3 is known as the terminal for Cebu Pacific airline. They are serving a wide range of domestic destinations like Kalibo/Boracay or Davao. I don't have a lot of experience with Cebu Pacific but can share one information to you: They are known for often being delayed.

Terminal 4 - Domestic flights
Terminal 4 This terminal is used by AirAsia and Cebu Pacific as well as several other airlines to special spots in the Philippines. Some carrier are operating more on a private base (as it seems to me) like offering 2 flights a week to San Fernando, La Union or Baguio. If you want to go there and are not a millionaire, you better use a bus.

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