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Spare time activities
It's my pleasure to share some of the spare time activities in my neighborhood, Fitness, Basketball and pigeons and many more.

Illegal gambling
I know from other places, that the olds there are playing cards for centavos in the Kubo, to kill their time. But this here is hard core gambling for Pesos'.

Job: Jeepney driver
After a ride in a Jeepney, next to the driver, I was able to ask some questions about his job and possible income. I share it here to you.

Reduce the pig feeder cost
To reach a better income from your piggery, you should read about the 'Sakwa experiment'. It can help you, to increase your income.

The rice business
There are a lot of farmer working in the rice business in the Philippines. After a long time, the Philippines are back to produce surplus of rice.

SWIFT Bank codes
Just in case you want to transfer money by Bank transfer to the Philippines, you need one of this major Banks SWIFT codes.

Major Bank Code list
Using PayPal is already common in the Philippines. But if you want to withdrawal money to your Bank, you need one of this Codes.

Angeline and the DSWD
It's the story about a helpless mother who is asking the Department of Social Welfare and Development for help with her daughter - without getting it.

Buying a property
The best you can do with your hard earned money from abroad: Buy a property. Follow this guidelines to make the deal in a perfect way.

Queen size or King size?
Booking a hotel room is easy. But when they tell you the bed type inside the room, do you know the difference between a Queen size or King size bed?

Riding MLRT
No need to worry about using the MRLT. All you need to do is: Read this text, check the pictures and go to the nearest station for a ride.

Hot Spot Boracay
Boracay is well known all over the world for it's white beach on the west side. But there is some more you should know about Boracay.

Backyard piggery
Many Filipino are raising in a small backyard piggery a piglet. Often only one, just to to have after selling it a little additional income.

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