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We can not expand the menu on the left side endless. Here is the place to introduce new added pages to you. The newest topics are on top.

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Guesthouse dream
Since a relative bought a big lot, we are all dreaming how to use it. Here is the idea to run a guesthouse aside from other activities.

Hotel booking
Sounds so easy actually: just open a search engine, search for a hotel at your favorite location, book and done. But honestly: that is seldom the best way.

Business: Arawan
You really need to decide: If you want to do your fellow Filipino a favor, ask for 20% interest a month or else, they will take advantage of you!

Squatter camp
Living in a slum would be impossible for me but how is it, living in a squatter camp? Fine so far. Check it out. I like to introduce it to you.

Taxi tricks
May this tips help you to reduce your taxi fares. Don't pay too much for your ride.

Philippine Passport
Sometimes the easiest things are starting slowly because of missing knowledge. How to apply for a Philippine Passport?

Read my own experience about corruption in the Philippines. The guys from the LTO are rightly feared by the public.

Being 'self employed'
Many Filipino are taking every chance to earn some money for a daily living by doing even a hard but decent job. I want to introduce some of this guys to you.

To own a property?
Let's talk about chances to stay as foreigner in the Philippines. For many guys an interesting place where to stay when retired.

Filipino art
We bought one painting from her and found it worth, to give her some space on our website to introduce her to you.

Shyralyn's story
She is a good example how to make the best out of your life, even you have to fight against some struggles.

City or Province?
Comparing the different ways of life. Province or City. What place do you prefer to stay?

Filipino / American bonds
Something about the history. How it began and how it goes on nowadays.

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